Almost caught.


It was the night before a long weekend and a big storm. I finished off my day and met with a skank that I had been meaning to catch up for months. I wait outside the Metro and walk her to a chill bar that I usually head to. The staff there all know me by my first name. I go through the motions for the next couple of hours and walk her to my place, and the inevitable occurs.

After the act, in the post-coital bliss. I hear my phone is vibrating, and I also hear the door bell ringing continually.

Uh-oh, what could this be?

I pick up my phone and see a message from a girl I smashed a while back with something along the lines of “I’m outside your place now”


I spent a quick moment thinking of what to do. This isn’t the first time some random girl just keeps coming back for something pathetic. A lot of them have the minds of children in this part of the world. Smash a random and then go back to make themselves feel less slutty. Also, probably to make themselves feel like they were the victim when in all reality spreading your legs wide open after an hour is probably the catalyst to being treated like a smash and dash hole.

Then I broke down the situation to the naked girl in my bed: “There’s a weirdo outside my place, let’s quietly get dressed and get out through the back door”.

We bail and I walk her to the Metro for her trip home.

I sit outside and feel the late summer winds against my face and think of how to manage my time to make sure that I am not wasting too much of it on meaningless slores. Over the last few months I had become a lot busier and although I was much more involved in other projects, I didn’t mind as what I was doing now was a lot more meaningful and challenging than before. My desire to kill time by slamming sluts was a lot lower, at least the mental side of my brain was being stimulated through other means rather than figuring out which would be the fastest way to get her legs to open for me. Of course, being a male with a sex drive meant I still needed my fill, so I still didn’t give it all up but it was a more balanced effort these days with the time constraints.


I spent the long weekend abroad with some friends and realised how many were the same, they had to cut back too in order to focus on other things. I guess when your demands are being met and you’re out of a negative environment you truly can focus on what you want to do rather than dedicate hours and hours to get an ounce of the low hanging slut with attitude.




Pokemon Stop


Pokemon Go has been out for a while now and being a person whom is very strict with time management, I simply didn’t see the appeal of walking around and wasting time trying to catch Pokemon in my neighbourhood. I played a couple of hours in order to see what the fuss was about and it simply isn’t something that appeals to me, maybe when I was 12, I would have loved this but definitely not as an adult.


Think about the people around you who are addicted to Pokemon Go. Are they the successful ones? Are they the ones that achieve much? Are they the ones you respect? Probably not. The best thing Pokemon Go has done has got to be how it has identified people around me with low impulse control and also ones who are craving that next dopamine hit. Almost every guy I respect or deem successful has stayed away from the addiction of Pokemon Go. Yet almost every loser I know, seems to be staying up late at night driving around and trying to catch more Pokemon or take over gyms in the middle of the night.

At least I am happy to see businesses cash in on the Pokemon-addicted zombies.


Male Bonding


Male Bonding is often discounted these days by guys aiming to slay pussy all day.

I see it time and time again, hapless guys getting into the game after an adolescence marred by invisibility to the opposite gender. They go so hard, approaching, dating and spending almost all their leisure time on chasing girls. Soon after getting some success, there’s nobody to shoot the shit with or share the success with. Surely neglecting all male company for pussy is the worst slavery to the female genitalia there could be.

I can’t stress enough over the last few years where spending too much time around females made me want to just be far, far away from them.

In past generations, men spend time with other men, gathering, sharing and exchanging helpful ideas. Women spent time around women, gossiping, sharing beauty tips and exchanging ideas too.

For women that I was smashing back in Australia, I literally used them as cum receptacles. They would meet up, spread their legs and allow me to do the dirty with them. I needed nothing else, and I was ok with this.

Where I am now, girls can help me improve my language ability, assist with some paperwork that inevitably comes up with living abroad as well as assist me with some cultural differences. Sure, these are minor things but they are useful for me. Oh and I almost forgot, they spread their legs too. However, any major issues or decisions, I prefer discussing these with men who are of the same mindset as me. Telling a woman something important simply doesn’t get me anywhere.

Recently, I was on a short overseas trip with a girl I had been seeing casually for a while, over the course of the four day trip, things were great, lots of good times sightseeing and exploring but by the end of it, I simply wanted some space or the chance to chill with some male friends.

Given how much effort is required to even get intimacy from a woman in the western world these days for the average man, the costs of being around them all the time to attain the reward of a scrap of sexual release is slowly becoming more unattractive for men. However, nobody should forget the need for friendship and replace it with time spent around women.

This is the reason why women invent terms like “BFF”, (Best Friend Forever). When you can’t really count on your friends to be there, you artificially pump the value of your friendships with branding exercises that allow you and them to think the relationship is more profound than it is. Men have no need for such verbal callisthenics, because a man’s close friends have earned their place in his world by their action, not by their word. His loyal male friends are presumed BFFs. No marketing or product branding required.


Be choosy with how you spend your time, and most importantly with whom.

Exchange Student Sluts


Exchange student skanks are a common breed of legspreaders in the modern globalised world.

Let’s be honest, girls love to travel, so do most men. Seeing new things, experiencing new cultures and most importantly getting railed by the thirsty local men are reasons why girls go on exchange.

On exchange programs, your grades mean nothing while you are abroad, as the subjects are usually pass or fail ordeals only on your academic transcript back home. You only really care about getting the relevant credit points required from passing so you can graduate on time. Usually, given what a low standard overseas Universities have compared to The University of Melbourne, this isn’t hard. However, I have had friends do exchange at places like The University of Pennsylvania, which being an Ivy league school has some really talented kids, they worked hard while the rest of their friends doing exchange in random dogshit schools in Europe and Asia were partying and having fun.

Where I live now, girls who don’t fit the beauty ideals are subjugated to fucking foreigners only. Foreigners, being thirsty men from the west that will fuck anything. In Australia the men are so thirsty that even being a chubby cow, a girl will still have a dozen men fighting over the “privilege” of dumping an easy fuck into her.

So the girls that are plain Janes, or misfits often dream of going abroad so they can “discover” themselves… in the bed of some foreign stranger.

Recently, I smashed a slore that just came back from exchange to Spain. She never fucked around at home but given she was abroad and free from the local culture she spread her legs wide open to any willing cock. “I don’t play in real life” was what she said, implying she doesn’t fuck around in her native country but gets railed hard abroad then comes back home to deceive us all into thinking she’s a pure innocent virginal character. This same girl after fucking 20+ randoms in the year abroad also mentioned something like “I save myself for my future boyfriend”. Let’s be honesty, any girl that travels alone to party destinations, regularly gets wasted, has tattoos, posts narcissistic shots all over social media and is on dating sites is not one that is conservative. So no man with experience will fall for that bullshit.

If you ever meet a girl that went on an exchange semester, or a working holiday probe deeper into it as you probably know she experienced a lot more than the local “culture”.


How far have you come?


Some years ago, back in Melbourne, I used to wake up on cold winter mornings while it was dark and foggy outside. I would be so depressed with the corporate grind that I would think that anything has to be better than this.

I made good money, went to the best university for my field, and had great grades, all for this?

I would shower then get dressed and then spend a few moments looking at any type of work I could do abroad to get out of the Feminist and SJW haven of Australia. I would consider anything besides slaving in Melbourne to be a step up from my life back then.

Fortunately, after a few years of hard work and some good moments I was able to survive and finally leave that life behind.

I can honestly say, once I left, I had this re-invigorated energy that I find hard to describe. The pressure, stress and negativity around me in Melbourne had been lifted. I felt like a wild lion being freed from a zoo and back into its natural habitat. It was amazing.

Following that high, there was obviously some re-grouping to do.

I slowly adjusted to my new life which contained much more freedom compared to the life I lived in Melbourne. Sure, I wasn’t making 200k+ anymore but I was much happier doing my own thing and being able to forge my own path.

This feeling continued and as I adjusted, I started to think what could the next adventure be? Is there going to be the next high? Or was I merely wasting my time for temporary happiness? I started to think more about the future. I do truly believe in destiny and sometimes hope to let nature takes its path however, these days I do think about the future more and more.

Once a man has been freed from the cubible lifestyle and enjoyed the freedom for a while, there is definitely a part of him that will want to achieve further, and great a life purpose. A goal. It’s ingrained into us, and of course being ambitious and driven, that desire is strong within me too.

Not fully utilising your talents is probably the biggest waste of all.

..but take a moment and enjoy some introspection to figure out how far you’ve come in the last few years.

So how far have you come? Are you still chained to a soulless existence? Are you free and enjoying yourself? Are you looking for that next project? Or are you working away on your dreams?


Too much of anything


Guys get into slaying girls as a hobby to improve themselves, overcome shortcomings and lastly to enjoy themselves. It’s fair enough, as I think within any young male there is that innate biological desire to spread his seed as far and wide as he can.

But what one fails to consider is the longer term aspects of this life. Initially you’ll suck, failing and looking foolish. Most guys give up here and go back to their boring lives as slaves. But the ones that push through this resistance, enjoy success and improve have other issues coming at them. These issues are more along the lines of finding the right balance.

I was sitting on my couch with the lights dimmed as a regular girl came over for the obvious on a weeknight, I stared at the glass of whiskey on the table and stared through to the lamp behind it. I sat there wanting one thing, no not the obvious physical desire you may think, but I just wanted to be alone. I wanted a good nights sleep. I wanted my place empty so I could have a relaxing night with just me and my thoughts. Some might think its weird, turning down a girl that most people would consider very hot, but once you’ve had enough success, new success loses its shine. 

Maintaining a stable of regulars as well as smashing new prospects is actually much more tiring than you can imagine. Assuming you have a life outside of girls, which I know some guys who are so caught up in this lifestyle whom don’t, you’ll want time to pursue your own interests and have some alone time to relax. But say you have 3-4 regulars, some of which are only free weekends, then it becomes interesting, how much do you invest in each one. Also, when I say “invest” I don’t mean monetary value, but time. Time is life’s currency after all.

“Hey, lets meet next week as I have to work late tonight” read the message on my phone, this girl I met from a bar on the weekend flakes. I am actually really happy,  as I am so exhausted from just banging another skank hours earlier.

After dividing up your time and also factoring in your own pursuits, personal development as well as new poon, you really don’t have much time for yourself.

I was looking at my calendar, flicking through the dates as to when another regular would be going away on a long vacation with her family. Normally guys would be a little down as there’s limited time left to spend with them, but me, I was looking forward to that so I could have some more free time to focus on other recreational pursuits. 

I guess some people reading this may think of it as a boast or a good problem to have but the more established readers, I am sure they can relate. Skanks can never be the top priority. If you’re relating to any of the italicised text above, it’s definitely time to cut back on poon and focus your energy on other areas of your life.




Walk Of Shame


Sometimes I am so shocked at the current state of modern day skanks around the globe. I used to think it was simply a strong concentration in the Western World however now parts of Eastern Europe and Asia are also increasing in the symptoms of this infection.

Here’s a example recently:

I met a girl out at a bar on a Thursday night, I was with friends catching up over a game of pool and noticed her staring. After a brief chat I headed over across the street to another bar and worked away, fast forward a few hours and she’s back at my pad, legs wide open. The obvious ensues.
Sounds like a standard skank, right? 
Well what happened next was what was rather interesting.
As I’m busy smashing her from the back, I hear a sound, I look around the room. Confused, and tired, I then see a flicker of light from the night stand. It’s her phone ringing, she wriggles over and looks at the person calling, then puts her index finger to her lip to signal “silence”.

I stop momentarily.

She answers the phone and a brief conversation starts. Something along the lines of “Oh I’m at my aunt’s house, yeah sorry, it’s late, I love you too, Goodnight!”

As you can guess, it was her boyfriend. Standard skank banging around, right?

Well, here’s a bit more.

I asked her about the call in a chilled “non-judgemental” manner and she spilled the beans. Seems as if she’s had a boyfriend for around 18 months or so, and she’s done the deed with others regularly in that time.  Right, right, standard slut I bet you’re thinking.

Well.. then came the final straw.

She proceeded to tell me something along these lines “Yeah, I saved up a lot and I am going to <Name of Party City> this weekend so I took some pill to delay my period, it’s great I met you tonight and can have a warm up before the weekend”.

Yup, this skank is such a whore that she saves up cash, plans a bang trip, takes meds which probably aren’t too good for her, for a weekend of getting plowed by random men, getting wasted and YOLOing.

This same girl is going to be some herbs wife in the future. 



The Return to Warsaw


After three years, I returned to Warsaw in order to re-live some of the moments which triggered my escape from the West. Knowing well inside that it’s very hard to re-experience the joy of an initial experience, I was ready for a more downbeat affair this time round.

I started my trip by catching up with friends I made from 2013 when I first arrived, some of which I’ve met up with in various parts of Eastern Europe and Asia since then. It was a nice re-union with people whom share the same beliefs and progressing through life in an ambitious manner.

After our re-union, I ventured out to the nightlife in order to explore what the city had become.

Despite it being still an improvement from Australia, I was disappointed as expected. The attitudes of the women were far worse from 2013, the career-carousell lifestyle had infected the women of Warsaw and it was obvious that many men had moved to Poland in order to satisfy their thirst for easier, more feminine women.  These factors culminate in a far less enriching experience this time round from what I had experienced last time I was in Warsaw.
I still managed to pull in my first night here, however the efforts I went to were probably border-lining my limits.

The most saddening part of my trip came on the last night. I went to a venue where I visited back in 2013, and sat in corner where I made most of my approaches and had the bulk of my success from last time round. As I sat, I noticed a girl, the same girl from 2013, she dressed well, hair long and stylish, but as I approached her, I couldn’t believe what I saws. The wrinkles appearing on her face, around her eyes and mouth were definitely excessive for the three years of time that had passed. She was undoubtedly the hottest girl in the club back in 2013, now she was a nobody, forcing herself to smile and seem accepted.

All I could think of was “what a horrible waste.” This girl partied away her beauty and is now bound to settle for something far worse than what she could have gotten earlier. She traded in her most valuable asset for meaningless “Fun” and male attention.

It’s a well known saying that “Women age like milk and men age like wine” but I haven’t even brought up the fact that these aged women have higher standards, higher expectations after experiencing the highest quality men in their peak physical years they feel as if they can’t go backwards. However, the burden of disappointment from being pumped and dumped so many times, factors that surely make them less feminine and pleasing leave them to be nothing more than than a fuck buddy, a mere container for a mans sexual pleasure.

They deserve what they get, life isn’t fair.

20 Things Deeply Wrong With Australia

Some of you readers might think I am bitter about Australia, and my views reflects more on me than the actual reality of the location. However, recently I came across an article which basically regurgitates my views completely which further validates my notion of it being a location that is bitter poison to men in their prime and must be avoided.


We’ve talked before about the many reasons how Australia is degenerating into a SJW paradise. Let’s review 20 of them.

1. An absolutely repulsive media landscape

…which routinely resorts to subterfuge or outright lies in order to advance the feminist and progressive agenda, dominating the national discourse. Fact checking and truth reporting are either complete afterthoughts or are non-existent altogether.


People like Roosh can post article after article after article confirming that he is neither a “men’s rights activist,” nor advocates rape on private property (it was a thought experiment), and the Australian media genuinely won’t care.

Q: “Why do you want to legalize rape?”

I don’t. Legalizing rape is a notion so insanely absurd I never imagined that people would take it 100% seriously, including politicians. I don’t believe any form of physical violence against men or women should be legalized. I’ve said that “How To Stop Rape” was a satirical thought experiment so many times that it’s clear to me current misinterpretation of it by the media is deliberate. – Roosh V

Lies, damn lies, and emotional manipulation

2. Anti white male bi

The feminist Australian media will quickly resort to witch-hunting of white male public figures within their own country, if they dare to not march lockstep with the social justice narrative.

Using the expected straw man and appeal to emotion fallacies, the media lambasted the conservative Australian senator Cory Bernardi for re-tweeting an intellectually insightful article from Roosh, which was laughably deemed both irresponsible and “dangerous“.


If you speak up for common sense in Australia, you will be shunned

3. Regulation

Australia is one of the most over-regulated countries in the world, which makes the cost of starting and running a business enterprise, and ultimately the goods and services they provide, astronomically high.


4. False egalitarian pride

Australia takes a false sense of egalitarian pride in the “high” minimum wage of slightly over $17 AUD per hour ($12.75 US at 75 cent exchange rate). This is despite the fact that sticker prices of goods and services are often more than twice that of the equivalent product in the United States.

That $4.97 whole chicken at a U.S. Sam’s Club will be in the vicinity of $15 in Australia, and that 99 cent candy bar in the U.S. will be $2.50 or more in Australia. A pint of beer at the local pub can be more than $10. So what difference does it make?


This maybe still gets you a pint down at the local pub

5. Backpackers

Australia has a peculiar habit of sending swarms of its most boorish and aggressive young men on lengthy backpacking trips across southeast Asia, Latin America, and Europe every year.

These traits are often greatly at odds with the personalities of most other backpacker nationalities, who are often far more mellow, respectful, and inclusive of people from different cliques. If a fight ever breaks out at a popular backpacker bar, or somebody is ejected from a hostel for belligerent behavior, chances are it was probably an Australian. The “Ugly American” stereotype honestly needs to be handed over to these guys.


ye wanna fight ya cunt!?

6. Melbourne sucks

Melbourne is laughably lauded as the “world’s most livable city” when in fact it’s anything but. With one of the world’s most wildly overpriced property and housing markets, $500,000 may not even get you a simple bungalow with a sand-box sized yard in a neighborhood which may be many kilometers away from the CBD or a beach.

The unspectacular weather, bland beaches, rip-off restaurants, snobby women, and rampant social justice environment means that men with financial resilience and the means to escape should go somewhere abroad which is “less livable” (more livable).

Melbourne. It appears nice but…

7. Kindness is punished

Australia boasts kindness-is-mistaken-for-weakness “dating” culture where men, whether local or foreign, who behave rationally, calmly, and with good manners may be unduly punished into an almost sexless existence in their youth.

Australian women like to sleep with obnoxious and aloof bad boys while in their late teenage and 20-something prime at a rate which is even noticeably higher than their North American counterparts.

With few exceptions, we’ll only sleep with aloof jerks while we’re under 27!

8. The personalities of the women

Australian women are often rude, snobby, condescending, dismissive, feminist, degenerate, career obsessed, and travel obsessed to the point of completely forgoing family formation in huge numbers.

Women who have backpacked extensively around the world in their 20’s often have notch counts beyond the half century mark and are highly unlikely to be able to pair bond well with a single man who could be husband and father material.

The unmarried and childless former Prime Minister of ‘Straya

9. The men won’t reproduce with the women

Australian men, tired of both the poor quality of local women, their sky-high expectations, and sensing that a marriage with them would be doomed from the start, are among the world’s highest takers of foreign-born brides per capita in the world.

Brazilian, Colombian, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Filipina ladies often blow Australian women completely out of the water in regards to their looks, attitudes, femininity, and overall positive relationship qualities.

What’s on offer in 2010’s ‘Straya

10. The terrain

It’s not the fault of human beings, but a few hidden gems aside, interior Australia is a barren and unattractive place where the natural beauty simply cannot compare to the national park systems of the U.S., Canada, central Europe, or neighboring New Zealand.


Fancy spending $1,000 or more on return flights, road transportation, accommodation, and heavily price-inflated food in order to see a big rock?


11. Lack of proper search and seizure laws

Lack of a similar equivalent to the U.S. 4th amendment (the right of the people to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures without probable cause that a crime has been committed) means that Australian drivers are regularly subjected to state encroachment and police harassment.

Guilty-until-proven-innocent breathalyzer checkpoints and shanking operations to fine drivers for slightly expired registrations or warrant-of-fitness stickers are the norm.

Americans can be proud they do not have to be subjected to this

12. Even the cops are degenerates

Australia has a degenerate-friendly police force where butt ugly and visible tattoos are no barrier to being hired. This sets an extremely poor example to young people and creates an outright unprofessional appearance for one of the world’s highest paid law enforcement entities.

Another day, another no-refusal breathalyzer checkpoint by a scumbag Aussie cop

13. Weathered-looking women

Incessant sun exposure creates arguably the most prematurely aged looking population of all Western nations, especially in the state of Queensland.


14. Anti-American sentiment

Many Australians tend to have a very ambivalent attitude towards American tourists (minus attractive young females), and will casually refer to all of them by the irritating term “Yanks”, even if they are from the Deep South (translation: not yankees).

So what do Australians get for all this tepid treatment and cultural ignorance when they come to the US? Routinely being treated like rock stars everywhere they go, all the while completely stiffing U.S. service workers who rely almost entirely on tips to supplement their starvation wages.

The poor attitude far too many Aussies take in the U.S.

15. Promotion of homosexuality

Flamboyant homosexuals and transgenders are openly embraced and “celebrated” at the Sydney Mardi Gras, in full public view of children who don’t yet understand the nature of human sex and what is supposed to be common and decent.


16. Immunity for women in the corporate environment

Australia is a nation where disrespectful and unprofessional women can make snide, embarrassing, and humiliating remarks to male coworkers on a television newscastand suffer no serious consequences from HR, feminists, or social justice warriors.

17. Suffocating diversity quotas

Over-the-top diversity laws and entirely pro-female human resource departments are making office environments increasingly hostile places for white Australian men to work. Male office workers are increasingly finding out they have to be careful with everythingthey say and do, or else face the wrath of HR.

18. Pedestalization of women

Australia is a country where women’s interests and concerns are elevated to almost demigod status, while men’s problems are routinely brushed aside as non-issues. The large numbers of homeless men in the capital cities can just crawl into a gutter and die for all they care.

Melbourne – The world’s most livable city (for women)

19. Hatred for heterosexual males

Shaming a specific gender in public is completely acceptable. That is, only if the ridicule and scorn is directed against “cisgender” males.

Melbourne looks like such a great place for men doesn’t it?🙂

20. Rampant cultural Marxism

It’s not just subtle like it is in many other countries, it’s literally in your face. This picture was captured outside Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium in August 2014, where the advertisements are insinuating that multicultural “programs” will build better neighborhoods (because nearly all-white Australian neighborhoods are such horrendous places to live), and that these de-whitened neighborhoods should of course be “celebrated”.


When you consider these points, Australia no longer seems like such a desirable place to travel or live. At least, not if you’re a masculine man.




Looks like word of the hell for men called Australia is getting out internationally.


Romanian Rampage: Bucharest


I was in Romania on a spontaneous trip to meet up with some long-lost friends in Europe whom I have been meaning to catch up with for a long time now. This trip took place in May, after my trip to Thailand.

I spent a total of three weeks in Romania, mainly staying in Bucharest during my trip.

Romania has a unique look to it, old school in some sense but a little different to the rest of Europe. people are a bit more tanned and have darker hair and features, people are social and enjoy spending time outdoors. It wasn’t expensive in Romania, and the quality of girls was decent also. People care what others think about them in Romania, especially girls. Feminism hasn’t destroyed the culture like other parts of the world.

The city of Bucharest itself is relatively compact and of a medium size compared to the larger cities back in Australia. The city is divided into six sectors and possesses a nice variety of old school buildings and cafes.

The nightlife venues I visited were filled with cigarette smoke and people in large groups. It’s better to go out with a group at night or else feel like you’re simply a little out of place. As mentioned previously, the culture leads to people caring what their friends and others think of them. So be careful when approaching groups.

I met some digital nomads living in Bucharest whom worked on their online hustles and slayed the easier-average girls at will. That’s the thing in Romania, anything under a 5 takes little to no work as a foreigner. If you’re a thirsty notch hunter, then this place is fine for you. Once you work your way up to the true quality then you’ll have to work and you’re foreign status will almost count for nothing.

Overall, the purpose of my trip was to re-unite with long-time friends and therefore it was a decent place to hang and relax for a few weeks while getting a few projects completed, however if you’re looking for a nice touristy place to visit in Europe, then probably give Romania a pass.