FOBs (Part II) – Hangout Areas

So in the second instalment of the FOB series, I’ll be writing about the different areas around the university where I noticed international students regularly spending time.

It’s funny, FOBs are usually rather cliquey, and usually only hang with their own kind, so it’s not too uncommon to see them bundled up in a few distinct areas of the university.

Below are a few that I’ve noticed.

Union House – Underground
I’m not sure why but the Underground level of Union house is rather popular with FOBs, maybe it’s the availability of a variety of Asian foods or the absence of daylight, whatever the reason is, there’s an abundance of FOBs here during the peak times throughout the day.

The Spot – Lounges
Almost every floor of The Spot building has an area at the end of it which contains a sink, microwave, tables and chairs. This is has become very popular with FOBs. I think maybe it’s because of the microwave allowing them to re-heat food from home.

Sidney Myer Asia Centre – Ground Floor
The times I’ve walked through here around lunch times there was a large FOB presence, and also a FOB group practicing breakdancing. I really can’t find much reasoning behind it but maybe since a lot of FOBs undertake their native tongue as a breadth subject for some easy marks they end up spending a lot of time here? I’m not sure..

Aside from that there aren’t really any other areas where I noticed a high FOB contingent so I’ll leave this post short and sweet.

P.S. – and the people trying to find out who I am.. (There’s a few unpublished comments crying for this) I’m basically trolling FOBs in my first couple of posts; do you really think I’m going reveal my identity?

P.P.S – and the comments about making a spelling mistake or getting a fact wrong, all I have to say is… I really could not care less. This is a bit of fun, and I don’t feel like exerting that much effort into getting everything perfect.

Next Post: I’ll take a break from the FOB series, and write about O-Week since it is that time of the year.


5 thoughts on “FOBs (Part II) – Hangout Areas

  1. Not telling says:

    The whole top end of Swanston street is pretty much FOB central

  2. Mel Angove says:

    You made some nice points there. I did a search on the subject and found most people will agree with your website.

  3. andee says:

    There’s a few other areas too after all these u mentioned

  4. hammertoe says:

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