Joke Breadth Subjects!

A lot of students will have or are in the process of finalising their subjects for this upcoming semester. Under the Melbourne Model, all undergraduate courses have breadth subject requirements, which if you don’t already know, are basically forced elective outside of your faculty.

Many students are encouraged to be picking breadth subjects which they have an interest in, whereas in reality, students are usually picking the easiest, most retarded subjects to bolster their averages.

Here’s a bit of a guide in picking breadth subjects.

If you really want to do something you have an interest in, then sure, go right ahead, you’ll probably end up doing well if you enjoy the content.

But, if you’re after an absolute joke of a breadth subject which you really don’t aim to put much effort into and get a decent mark in, then focus on subjects offered by the following faculties.

Music – All the lower level subjects here are entertainingly easy. The patterns for most of the subjects under the music faculty are as follows: You basically rock up, mess around with instruments, get marks for participation, write up one, two or three trash essays and submit.

Also, if you can actually play an instrument, then pretend that you can’t actually play that instrument at all and that you’re an absolute beginner at the beginning of the semester.  This way, you can “Wow!” the tutor at the end of the semester by showing how much you’ve improved and that easy H1 will be confirmed.

University-wide breadth – Being university-wide breadth just means that it’s a breadth subject regardless of what course you do. Most of these are pretty easy, but I’ve heard a few people whinge about some poorly taught and harshly marked subjects within this category, but more likely than not, it’ll be a joke.

The most legendary joke breadth subject, Australia in the Wine World falls under University-wide breadth category. That should give you an indication of the level of seriousness the subjects under this category should be treated with.

Education – No surprises here, the education faculty is a well-known joke amongst all students, and naturally, so are their subjects. Subjects such as Sports Coaching: Theory and Practice really do just ask to get destroyed.

Mathematics – This won’t apply to everyone, but it’s common to see some non-science students who are quite strong at Maths do very easy maths subjects for breadth like Calculus 1. Obviously they will get at least 90 in that subject since its rather straight forward, but if you’re not good at maths or numbers in general, then avoid it.

Languages – If you know another language aside from English at a pretty decent level, then you should try to find the most beginner variation of that language to do as breadth. For FOBs, this usually means doing Chinese 1A and getting a huge mark in it to make up for their sub-standard marks in their core subjects.

Lastly, intensive subjects which you can do over a week or two during mid-semester break or winter break are a great way to minimise your workload for a difficult upcoming semester. In order to find them just use the Breadth Search page on the University’s website.

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17 thoughts on “Joke Breadth Subjects!

  1. ronald mcdonald says:

    u are 1 ****ing cheeky **** mate i swear

  2. Marc says:

    Well you make it sound like you’re all smart but at the end of the day all you’ve done is a BCom – sorry to say mate but to some of us at UniMelb that’s pretty much a joke degree too. Such a generic common degree anyone could get into.

    I’m doing Medicine and my gf’s doing Law – both our parents are doctors and on faculty at melb, and my grandfather was vice-chancellor. Go figure. I think people like you and people like us are a different class altogether. Such an embarassment.

    • Anna says:


      Education is meant to increase your levels of open-mindedness- which is an intellectual virtue. I am studying psychology at Unimelb and can see from your attitudes that you have extreme levels of prejudice “people like you and people like us are a different class altogether”- I’m sorry but is it 1930 where people are judged by their income, gender, occupation, race etc? I have forwarded this e-mail to the faculty at unimelb and the vice-chancellor, whom I am sure, if you were truly related would be ashamed to read your comment.
      Your comment shows the depth of your ignorance, shallow attitudes and the extent of your inability to think abstractly- which is perhaps why you believe yourself to be superior in medicine- you need logic and facts and are unable to think abstractly about many things.

      You should try and challenge your attitudes in some way, you obviously need to travel, enrol in a gender, or cultural subject and maybe read a few books. You may be able to encode and retrieve information, but however that is not the true basis of intelligence- intelligence involves thinking abstractly, problem solving etc. Also, if you are basing your superiority on the application process of a University, I feel sorry for how you base your sense of worth- not on your own achievements or personal qualities but on the perceptions of others. Plus, was your interview really that hard? or was it just difficult because they asked you how many friends you had and the true reason for your desire to be a doctor which made you realise it was so you could reinforce shallow and prejudice attitudes that stereotype occupations, peoples and groups and feel superior for it?

    • didn'tgotoprivateschool raisedoncentrelink elitistcunt says:

      lol Marc you are a dick and make me want to un enrol. I’m bogan AF and got into law. Different class but probs getting better marks than your GF mummy and daddy being in the faculty xxx

  3. Taylor Swift says:

    Dearest Marc (above poster),

    My dog just finished his PhD in “cunts that talk shit” and he informed me via sign language that you’re totally full of bull.

    I’m currently studying Arts and my parents were farmers. I’m majoring in Anthropology and at the moment I’m doing an ethnography; I’m studying “The internet: how lonely, self-loathing douches hide behind their screens and keyboards talking rubbish through façades, fake identities and anonymous screen names.” If you could please send me your details it’d be greatly appreciated because at the moment I’m lacking a subject to interview as my primary source and example.

    If you could kindly refrain from using long, sophisticated-sounding words that you cannot actually spell (the word ’embarrass’ is spelt with two r’s) you’d do everybody reading this blog a great service.



  4. Your a dick says:

    Wow for someone who “went to a really good school” and clearly got spoon fed along the way himself, clearly you have a lack of respect for the teachers who helped you throughout school.

    As someone who went to a good school, got an ENTER above 95; completed a bachelor degree and is now studying teaching was something I ultimately wanted to do (please note that this was not a last resort option, i had guaranteed pathways for a number of courses and an H1 course average) find your comment regarding the education faculty disgusting.

    Yes subjects like sport coaching might be easy breadth options but they are not actual subjects done by teaching/education students. So yes laugh away at the easy breadth option but don’t generalize to the whole faculty or the students who go there.

    • Chrisanthy says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more! I am studying teaching as well & i am sick of people talking shit about the degree/career. seeing it as worthless & not seeing the key role teachers played in their success (getting into uni, finishing a bachelors degree, postgraduate degree).

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  6. vidare says:

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