The Student Portal

The student portal at UoM is known for it’s reliability and consistency. It really is an exhibition of how the University has strongly utilised the technological advances of this modern era.

As many subjects require assignment submission via online means, never hesitate to leave submission of assignments to the very last minute as the student portal and LMS will always be functioning adequately.

Maintenence rarely occurs so do not worry about the downtime which could arise in those infrequent instances of maintenece being undertaken.

You could be be seeing these messages, very rarely:

These act as a great opportunity to justify why your assignment was submitted late, in the rare event of a problem occuring.

Generally speaking, clearing your browsers cache works wonders in solving most of the problems.

Your study plan, which you will use to manage your subjects is also an amazing insight into the fantastic utilisation of technology by UoM. It is never ever wrong, follow it religiously and you will prosper. For whatever reason that you may think that there’s a mistake in your study plan, you should go an speak to the student centre after waiting 23403 minutes in the waiting line.


3 thoughts on “The Student Portal

  1. Jayceon says:

    haha the Portal is a shambles.

  2. andee says:

    Haha the ITS people really suck at UoM

  3. DWD says:

    IT at this uni is just dated as!

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