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FOBs (Part III) – Demeanour

So the FOBs series continues! Now, I’m sure that I’ll get a lot of people raging over this, but honestly, I couldn’t care less.


So we’ve all had tutorials that have been dominated by FOBs, right? Those tutorials for me were undoubtedly the worst, most awkward and boring tutorials ever.

Silent FOBs
I re-collect a couple of years ago a tutor mentioning how one particular tutorial he takes is quieter than his any of his lectures (Note: This tutorial was around 95% FOBs). The silent FOBs generally just sit there copying down answers and not really contributing, which is alright usually, since most tutors will speed through the content and hopefully most people will understand. There are tutors however, that always try to engage their students and ask a ton of questions throughout the tutorial. Now, these are the ones which generally have all those awkward silences throughout the semester when a tutor asks the class a question because silent FOBS will either

A) Will genuinely be clueless, or

B) Know the answer but still not say it

Also, some silent FOBs will probably be staying back after class to ask the tutor a question instead of asking during the class when the tutor asks if there’s any questions.

Information-Hungry FOBs

There are also some FOBs that ask a ton of questions which

A) Make absolutely no sense

B) Are super super obvious

C) Have nothing to do with the course, or

D) In rare cases, are decent questions

Often, A, B and C will occur in subjects where participation marks are given (Usually this is not more than 10% at most)

Group Assignments

Group Assignments, love them or hate them, but chances are you’ll probably have to do one at some stage.

Useless FOBs

These are the worst types I think. So, you get given a group assignment, unfortunately you have a FOB in your group and the FOB is either..

A) Completely incapable of doing his or her part (Probably due to lackluster writing ability) or..

B) Slack and really doesn’t care

In the end you’ll have to do their part and work a bit harder.

Demanding FOBs

This usually occurs when you are put into a group which is mainly comprised of FOBs. The demanding FOBs will usually push you to work very hard and probably complete the assignment well before the due date. I have a friend that receives text messages on almost a daily basis (including weekends too!) demanding improvements to the group assignment he was working on with a group of really eager FOBs. Just be sure to cross-check their work to see if its on the right track, cause the last thing you want is incoherent work from them.


Outsourcing Uni!

Yes, yes, time for a new entry. I have been rather busy of late which is the reason I haven’t had much time to post anything new of late.

So, during university many students get rather lazy and struggle to complete their allocated work. Some students however, just avoid doing it all together. Outsourcing assignments and exams are actually rather common at The University of Melbourne.

Yes, even exams..

A couple of years ago now, someone I know was rather screwed for this one subject. I will refer to him as Person A. Note, Person A is mathematically depleted and this subject requires some strong quantitative ability. Also Person A put in no effort to even turn up to any lectures or tutorials for this particular subject.

Anyway, around came exam time and Person A was genuinely screwed as he had no idea what to do. So instead of cramming or even trying to cram, he asks a friend of his, who I will refer to as Person B  to complete the exam on Person A’s behalf. Person B completed this subject the previous semester but didn’t exactly do incredibly well in it, but passed. So after Person B agrees to do the exam, Person A passes his ID card to Person B (They don’t look really similar at all). The exam comes and goes and the invigilators don’t question Person B at all. If Person B did get busted he planned to run away from the Royal Exhibition Building anyway.

In the end, Person A passes the subject and Person B is remunerated accordingly. Standard outsourcing.

A funny outsourcing story which I heard from a friend a while back.

So, this one student fails an Accounting subject, and re-does it over summer and ends up passing (Like literally getting a Pass). This kid gets asked by one of his friends to sit his mid-semester exam for this subject. The guy asking to get his mid-semester test done knows that person he is persuading has failed the mid-semester test for this subject both times he did it, yet still asks him to do it for him. Baffling how lazy you can get!

Another story of outsourcing I heard from someone I know..

There’s this very rich international student who just decided not to rock up to university at all for a semester, so he paid someone more than $20,000 to:
A) Rock up to all lectures and tutorials
B) Hand in all relevant assessments
C) Complete all mid-semester tests and end of semester exams

In the end, it all went through worry-free, in this case however these students looked a little bit similar so that’s forgivable, right?

So next time, you’re tired, stressed or just can’t be bothered with university work, think about outsourcing!

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