FOBs (Part III) – Demeanour

So the FOBs series continues! Now, I’m sure that I’ll get a lot of people raging over this, but honestly, I couldn’t care less.


So we’ve all had tutorials that have been dominated by FOBs, right? Those tutorials for me were undoubtedly the worst, most awkward and boring tutorials ever.

Silent FOBs
I re-collect a couple of years ago a tutor mentioning how one particular tutorial he takes is quieter than his any of his lectures (Note: This tutorial was around 95% FOBs). The silent FOBs generally just sit there copying down answers and not really contributing, which is alright usually, since most tutors will speed through the content and hopefully most people will understand. There are tutors however, that always try to engage their students and ask a ton of questions throughout the tutorial. Now, these are the ones which generally have all those awkward silences throughout the semester when a tutor asks the class a question because silent FOBS will either

A) Will genuinely be clueless, or

B) Know the answer but still not say it

Also, some silent FOBs will probably be staying back after class to ask the tutor a question instead of asking during the class when the tutor asks if there’s any questions.

Information-Hungry FOBs

There are also some FOBs that ask a ton of questions which

A) Make absolutely no sense

B) Are super super obvious

C) Have nothing to do with the course, or

D) In rare cases, are decent questions

Often, A, B and C will occur in subjects where participation marks are given (Usually this is not more than 10% at most)

Group Assignments

Group Assignments, love them or hate them, but chances are you’ll probably have to do one at some stage.

Useless FOBs

These are the worst types I think. So, you get given a group assignment, unfortunately you have a FOB in your group and the FOB is either..

A) Completely incapable of doing his or her part (Probably due to lackluster writing ability) or..

B) Slack and really doesn’t care

In the end you’ll have to do their part and work a bit harder.

Demanding FOBs

This usually occurs when you are put into a group which is mainly comprised of FOBs. The demanding FOBs will usually push you to work very hard and probably complete the assignment well before the due date. I have a friend that receives text messages on almost a daily basis (including weekends too!) demanding improvements to the group assignment he was working on with a group of really eager FOBs. Just be sure to cross-check their work to see if its on the right track, cause the last thing you want is incoherent work from them.


17 thoughts on “FOBs (Part III) – Demeanour

  1. Dale says:

    rofl good post mate, i remember first year FOBs that probably went a whole year and never said a word in a tute

    • No, moron. says:

      Imagine that. Not having English as your first language and not wanting to put yourself out there in your first year. Anxiety and shyness are hilarious!

  2. zoel says:

    i concur with the silence point. all other points are definitely not FOBs only.

    but yes, silent tutorials are so awkward. oh well. even the rare local student is oppressed into silence too, cuz you don’t hear much from them either.

  3. bsh says:

    the whole post could describe any commerce student not just FOBs. silence is usually the optimal strategy anyway in a tute. If your question/comment is stupid, you look like an idiot and wasted everyone’s time. If your question/comment is good, then everyone else is going to benefit as well . In an environment where you’re graded on the curve, this isn’t a good thing. Hence, it’s better to ask questions privately.

  4. Calvin says:

    Hahaha I like how they are categorised LOL!

  5. edwin yeoh says:


  6. Jen says:

    I’m a local student and I actually don’t say a word in tutorials. I prefer to get in, absorb information and then get the hell out. Tutorials to me are a great waste of time either way, but what do I know, I’m just an Arts student.

  7. LS says:

    this whole thing about FOBs may be funny and true in some cases, but not all. many local students keep quiet and ask dumb questions too. and you forgot about many of the locals who are absolute shit assignment partners.

    don’t stereotype all FOBs. locals ain’t that great.

    ps: you shouldnt be so fucking racist

  8. Jon says:

    If there ever was a racist blog, this has got to be it.
    I usually don’t care so much for rubbish posts like this because it can obviously be seen that the author is a coward who feels that much more powerful just because he can sit behind his monitor and typing provoking blogs without anyone knowing his/her identity, but I felt I had to point this out.

    Get off the computer and start socializing mate.

  9. jennaaa says:

    I’ve read a few of your FOB blogs and I’m appalled. seriously, this proves that racism still exists. i dont know who is behind this but this is pathetic. everyone has their own learning style. I’m a local student and prefer to sit quietly and learn from others. Yeah melb uni is full of FOBs but most are friendly and quite helpful. If you have the guts you should publish your name instead of hiding behind a computer

  10. Alex says:

    I’m a FOB and when it comes to group assignments the local students either disappear or have no clue of what to do and I end up doing all the work. Fucking stupid, they are

  11. Super FOB says:

    Yeah, I admiting i is a veli fat an ugry FOB. This brogger has probrem with my face? Come to fighting me you bitch. I come to Australia on veli small bot but i hav australia paspot now. If i no wan to toking in tutoriar i can sitting down quiretly and shutting the fuck up. Australian peoples are veli nice but australian asian veli smerry. The girls have loose leg and the boys talk arot of bull shit when they hav small diks. You got probrem wit fob? Go back home to vietnam u dog. We must not being racist ok? They got enough praces and spaces in australia for more peoples. Why u must murder my famiry?

  12. Sigmund says:

    Your obsession with FOBs makes everyone pretty sure that you’re commonly mistaken for one and are trying to distance yourself from them as much as possible in your imagination. If you ever make enough money, you should invest it in a therapist.

  13. MU says:

    naww girl, why so bitter? fob hotties FTW

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