Daily Archives: May 2, 2012

Recent FAQs

Of late, I’ve been recieving a number of questions relating to myself. I thought I’d address a few in this post.


Do you run the blog yourself?
I’ve had friends contribute to posts, but most of it I do myself.

Who are you?
Does that even matter?

Are you a male or female?
What do you think?

You’ve graduated, now what do you do?
I currently work. One of the upsides (and sometimes a downside) in my job is that there is some travel involved which means I can get away from Australia regularly!

Are you a FOB?
God, no! I’m white.

Your blog is offensive and I hate you!
Great, tell the world!

What school did you attend?
A very good school. That’s as much as I’ll reveal!

Did you have a bad time at The University of Melbourne?
Nope, it was relaxed. Things are a bit more intense these days.

What was your average in your course?
It was pretty high, above H1 easily.