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Worrying Whingers!

So… here we are now, after a long semester of classes, it’s time for SWOTVAC. Technically it’s “Study Without Teaching Vacation”, but for most it’s “WAKE UP FOR EXAMS” vacation.

It’s a quiet period on-campus at The University of Melbourne, with no classes on, most students are flocking to the study areas to either extensively revise or actually look at their subject materials for the first time.

But beware, there are Worrying Whingers

Nobody likes exams, but with the presence of annoying students who constantly whinge about their “lack” of studying, it doesn’t make things better.

We’ve all come across this type of student before as they are pretty popular at The University of Melbourne.

Worrying Whingers are the type that post a Facebook or Twitter status every hour with something like..



Further characteristics of their behaviour include vague responses when asking for assistance regarding university study or just mentioning they have “no idea” regarding a topic, when in all honesty they have probably revised it extensively.

In reality, nobody respects nor likes these students. Nobody really cares about their bothersome whinging either.

However, some of them do actually live up to their word and fail (Yeah, with all that time spent letting everyone know of their misery through every form of social media imaginable, it’s not a big surprise!)

But the majority don’t as they are often studying aggressively and put forward the false pretense to everyone that they are not.
I’m sure some of my readers will also be guilty of this behaviour too, but there’s always at least person who we all know that is a bit excessive in this behaviour.

Also, Many of these worrying whingers will be Career Kids or FOBs.

Here’s some ways to deal with them:

1. Do NOT give them validation or comfort.
Don’t just say they are “going to be ok” when they whinge about how they will fail.
Instead, say something like “Yeah, have fun repeating next semester”.

2. Ignore Facebook and Twitter status updates.
I think once there are little or no responses, their thick brains will finally absorb the fact that nobody cares about how the epicenter of the world isn’t based around their sad life of study, but then again, don’t be surprised if they continue, they seek attention after all.

3. Avoid these students before an exam.
They are the absolute worst people you can surround yourself with before an exam.
They will make you more nervous and insecure about your own performance with their over-anxiety and irritating last-minute self-doubt.

Follow these tips religiously.


In all sincerity, good luck for exams guys!