Back we go

So officially it’s semester 2 on Monday.

The winter break’s over, and back we go to classes.

Everyone’s slowly easing into the groove of things, there’s a new batch of FOBs starting mid-year, a few indecisive kids changing courses mid-year and the rest of the students just coming back for another semester.

5 thoughts on “Back we go

  1. GB says:

    FML uni again..urgh thanks for reminding me.

  2. Janice says:

    What happens if I fall under a fob that changed courses, I hit two of those points

    • Super FOB says:

      You are rearry embarrasing to fobs. I thinking you better change your skin coloring. First time i am hearing a asian changing the course. You famiry must be rearry dissapoint. I advising you to finding a white man to fucking. Then you can become an australian woman and pretending to be white. Also, please trying to fail at least the one time. Then the white man will finding you more attractive. No need to thanking me.

  3. Henry says:

    Fuck uni I hate it

  4. Davidd says:

    Worst semester everrr

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