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BCom Majors III: Marketing

So the series on Commerce majors continues..

Today we cover at the Marketing major.

Marketing is an essential part of ongoing success for just about any business in the ever-changing economy. However, Marketing is largely a joke at the undergraduate level at The University of Melbourne. Rote-learning basic theories then regurgitating them out with application to case-studies is basically all this major entails. If you’re good at writing and can make it sound remotely articulate then it will be very difficult for you to get less then H2B in any Marketing subject.

The major is very easy to get, basically you do the level-1 subject Principles of Marketing, which could be one of the easiest subjects available at The University of Melbourne and three level-3 Marketing subjects. Most of the level-3 subjects won’t have any pre-requisites besides Principles of Marketing, so basically there’s almost no point doing any level-2 subjects in Marketing, unless of course you are in need of a retard-friendly subject to slam a perfunctory H1 in.

The cohort in Marketing generally will have less FOBs due to the nature of the coursework, and there’s always a strong contingent of hot chicks  in it too. A lot of Arts students do Marketing subjects as breadth also, so you’ll have no shortage of useless and annoying discussion in tutorials.
Very similar to the Management major, Marketing will have a heap of group work involved. Often, you will be given a lengthy group assignment which has a weighting of about 25-60%. Be wise and don’t pick FOBs in your group. There’s also easy marks for participation in most subjects, and absolutely zero incentive to rock up to lectures (except for the ‘talent’)  since almost every lecturer sucks in this department.

I hear from a few students who did this major that some of the subjects have almost identical exams from year-to-year and often past exams are easy to find, so you can comprehend how much effort is required for a decent mark in a Marketing subject.

A common combination of majors including Marketing is uniting it with Management, the other most brain-dead major offered in the BCom. This combo will leave you with minimal contact hours, and will require next to no effort until SWOTVAC, where you can just cram and slam an easy H1 depending on good you are at rote-learning garbage theory.

Prospects for graduates doing Marketing are pretty lame, there are decent Marketing graduate programs out there but since Marketing is quite a joke of a profession at the entry-level you’ll end in some generic snore-fest of a job which you could easily do without the hassle of completing a university degree. However, if you’re an attractive young female, this major is for you, there’s always a decent chance you’ll be the amongst the few that actually succeed in Marketing since its all about appearances. Oh and also, when the economic times get tough, a lot of organisations view marketing as a discretionary expense, which they’ll undoubtedly tighten up on with falling profits on the horizon, so be weary of that also before you jump into this highly invigorating, challenging and useful major.