Oh, I do (Bio) Medicine!


Bachelor of Biomedicine

A course with a clearly-in ATAR of around 99 at The University of Melbourne so you should be proud to be in it right? However, many in the course are probably dissatisfied.
Often, in the first few weeks many of the core Biomedicine subjects lecturers will ask the class to put their hands up if they want/wanted to do Medicine. Usually, almost every hand goes up in response to this. Looks like many didn’t get what they really wanted.

So you’re studying Biomedicine, chances are you didn’t get into Monash MBBS, Didn’t want to/couldn’t afford to go to a joke university interstate and now are left with an undergraduate course which has no guarantees for your future.

The realisation of missing out on undergraduate Medicine probably really kicks in when classes start, when you start doing a few irrelevant subjects and realise that an average UMAT or interview really has cost you a couple of years at least (Assuming you get into a Post-graduate Medicine pathway). In addition to that is the uncertainty, which will often drive you to study a bit harder where as most MBBS kids will be chilling the first couple of years of their course. You’ll always be around nerdy kids constantly talking about studying hard and maintaining huge averages in the early part of your course, then in the latter part, it will be about GAMSAT scores and interviews and offers. A bit similar to entering university for the first time after finishing VCE. The constant pursuit of post-graduate pathways such as Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy etc. will always leave you feeling unsatisfied with your current course, as it is really only a stepping stone to what you really want(ed).

In the meantime, as a bit of a consolation many students doing Biomedicine will often mention that they do Medicine to people who are not affiliated with The University of Melbourne. Often throwing in some random Biology terms in conversations to further validate their claim.

It’s not all bad for Biomed students, on the upside, the cohort is probably more studious than the kids studying Science, since the university pretty much lets anybody into that course, so they have something to look down on.

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43 thoughts on “Oh, I do (Bio) Medicine!

  1. john says:

    shut the fuck up

  2. Sense check says:

    Still better than arts.

    • Lol, you're an idiot. says:

      Nope, you’re wrong. I did biomedicine, graduated last year. Would’ve rather done arts. Go kill yourself.

      • lol, you're an even bigger idiot. says:

        Lol you obviously didn’t get into medicine ‘Lol, you’re an idiot’. Go fondle your mum.

  3. Harry says:

    Has anyone told you you’re a sanctimonious prosaic upper class bitch? No? Okay let me say it again then. You’re a sanctimonious prosaic upper class bitch. Seriously what’s the point of this shit, to prove you have a greater picture on how University’s work? This isn’t even well written or funny, which kind of defeats your purpose of trying to prove you’re better than everyone…

  4. Anne Wong, go back to Ching-Chong. The censorship there will be benificial..... says:

    Yet again, your shitful (so called) ‘blog’ make me want to rip my eyes eyes out.
    Find a new career, you suck.
    Try the macca’s KITCHEN – you don’t have enough people skills to serve at the window there.

    Sincerely, everyone.

    • The fuck cunt? says:

      Rofl, oh ok someone now representing “everyone”? wtf I found it awesome. so bitch please, don’t feel oh so empowered to represent everyone you self-obsessed tard fuck.

    • Alex says:

      haha you’re prolly soem dumbfuck retard from Deakin Geelong, go learn to sheer some sheep you shit cunt.

  5. bob says:

    come on peoples if you don’t want to read ,open a book and read about freedom of speech.
    I am in bio med and I laugh a lot

  6. Jon says:

    LMAO! I laugh at the HATE! Specifically at John, Harry and Anne Wong.
    This guy is brilliant, being able to take a lighter and humourous point of view on university. Im a commerce student to which he was dissing about a few posts before and I had to agree with so much of it!
    Im guessing most of the hate is coming from frustrated students who take everything seriously and dont know how to take a joke.
    Chill out guys, this blog is obviously filled with inside jokes on how students from one faculty view another. And if you cant take it or would like to criticise it, do so nicely and in a cultured way by pointing out the parts that you take offense at.
    By attacking the owner of this blog is just low and shows how uneducated you are and I am assuming you critics are university students. Use some of that tertiary education or VCE English skills to compose some arguements. Otherwise your personal attacks mean nothing but dust in the wind.


    An Amused Commerce Student

    P.S. Keep up the awesome posts man, they are original and beautiful comic relief!

    • Finally, someone with the right idea.

      • J-Dawg says:

        It is the right idea, I’m a pathetic faggot after al!
        However in my cuck fuck loser persona I should write something as follows:
        The right idea is that you want to feel empowered. You want to look down on people because you think you are better than them. You want to feel better about yourself not because you have something to share but because you can’t handle the fact that you are not this Goddess that your mirror and mother tell you that you are.

        Now, Miss I-wanna-Save-The-World inner-city-dwelling-Melbourne-Uni-Stuck-Up-CUNT; please leave the Deakin StalkerSpace in peace from your spam.

      • lol says:

        Haha don’t listen to J-Dawg. I go to Deakin and I thought your blog is awesome. Of course some brain dead retards don’t understand satire.

        Oh and J-Dawg I don’t think the author would use his or her real FB account to post this blog. But you can continue making your assumptions probably to cover up your own personal shortcomings.

      • J-Dawg says:


        Actually, I’m a satirist by trade. I get paid to write satire. This is not satire. This is attention-seeking drivel. Just thought I’d clarify.

        I’m a commerce/law student; and I can take a joke as well as the next person. In fact, probably better than the next person. I also can make the jokes. But these aren’t jokes…it’s some bored shitcunt that wishes they were back at uni and is trying to cash in on the idea that university is a shit place to be when, in fact, it is the exact opposite.

    • lol, you're an even bigger idiot. says:

      Perhaps you should take your own advice….’arguements’.

  7. Simon says:

    please kill yourself immediately.

  8. mick says:

    you forgot to mention how biomed students are disadvantaged compared to science students getting into med, since most of our core subjects are more difficult but there’s no scaling

  9. Leaving personal attacks aside. It’s just not funny. At all. I can see the attempts at humour and even thought to myself oh that’s meant to be amusing. It’s not.

    • Errr..no says:

      Yes, because everyone has the same idea of humour. Just like how everyone likes cake, and the colour purple, and rain. Just cause you don’t find it amusing doesn’t mean every other being out there doesn’t either.

  10. notamused says:

    There is a difference between satire and just blatant attacks. While this blog could easily be entertaining, it takes it too far too often.

  11. ezkielsky90 says:

    I am a third year unimelb biomed kid, and I approve this blog.

  12. bec says:

    all content-related criticisms aside, learn how to write properly. some of your sentence structures are painful to read

  13. lol says:

    Again, not everyone finds the same things funny. I’m sure you’d realise that by now. and yeah nobody could care less what you study or do. It’s irrelevant. But thanks for throwing it in there and making our lives complete.

    oh and totally man, you go go Deakin and know exactly what’s it like to go to Melbourne now?!. Seriously your narrow personal point of view doesnt always have to reflect what you may think everyone believes. You’ve already made your mind up about attacking whatever is written here and youll only keep adding nonsensical evidence to further drive that pre concieved and biased view.
    Get a grip

  14. AJ says:

    God I hate these biomed/science kids thnknig they are craaazy smart cause they rote-learned some medical terms. Guys, you’re not doctors.

    • Lysalaile says:

      Try going through biomed with just rote learning. Contrary to what you said, all of our subjects/topics really require integration and logical thinking. Except anatomy. Fuck anatomy.

    • Lysalaile says:

      Try going through biomed with just rote learning. Contrary to what you said, all of our subjects/topics really require integration and logical thinking. Except anatomy. Fuck anatomy.

      Also, half the kids in biomed don’t want to do MD. Just saying.

  15. Tentaculocotpus says:

    Fellow biomed person here, article is fine.
    Enraged responses also funny.
    Didn’t think it was so easy to push people over the edge, but oh well passion is great to see – something half the university population doesn’t have.

    • It’s because she has talked about things that are quite sensitive to some people. She shouldn’t talk about the difficulties of getting into med school, because she doesn’t understand at all what we go through. Referring to other uni’s as a “joke universities” is pretentious and an overall awful thing to say.

      I believe it is possible to the insulting, while being witty and clever at the same time. But I read this as an frustrated rant.

  16. clou says:

    If this is meant to be a satire, then it is written very poorly. Perhaps you could benefit from studying Arts…

  17. jj says:

    What you have just written is based on ALOT of assumptions… I, for one, am studying Biomedicine, had it as my first preference out of VCE. Was not interested in attending Monash Med, and am planning on doing postgrad Med at Melbourne. Biomed is a wonderful course, with intellectually stimulating subjects, and it definitely opens many career pathways which are always there to fall back on if I change my mind about Med.
    Quit your jealous, snarky attitude, and find something more productive to do with your time.

  18. Neko says:

    The fact that some of the readers are actually taking this to heart, sheeeit.
    Get over your self defense mechanisms, they serve no purpose, and the only thing they do is get you mad.
    If y’all had a brain, you’d know there were flaws with the with the arguments anyway, and from that point on, would deem the article irrelevant and stop giving a shit about it. Whether the writer is a aware of this or not, it doesn’t matter, because they don’t actually know what it’s LIKE to do Biomed. To any offense-taker; keep that in mind.
    Uckfuckfuck, this whole thread just shows to me how literal, narrow-minded and lifeless some MU students are.
    Biomed – you can do average but sufficiently in high school for the prereqs, and pwn irrelevant subjects like Vis Comm or Textiles, and still get in. That’s messed up.
    Science – equivalently gives you a shot into Med if you’re “smart”. Hah, do the subjects you want, not have to comply with doing maths and not waste excessive time in labs.
    Arts – Those kids are fun to be with. Hehe.

  19. student says:

    Cannot believe you retards commenting on this. I do Biomedicine at Melbourne and this post is incredibly accurate. Even if you don’t feel it is, the fact you took it to heart is lol-worthy. Get a life.

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