Cupcake Craze

With the ever-growing trend of people posting every meal they consume on Facebook, for all to see, it fails to surprise me that the Cupcake craze still continues.

These little round pieces of cake with frosting on top are just too cool, so cool in fact that you are obliged to post them on Facebook, with a nice fulfilling caption to demonstrate your trendiness for consuming fine, retro food. This is very big in Melbourne.

It looks like stores make luxury cupcakes that are just incredible. The best cupcakes you’ve ever had. They only cost $2 or $3 each but if you buy them by the dozen you get a nice discount. Think about it though, a few dollars so you can happily show off to your legion of Facebook friends how cool you are, that’s surely worth it right?

It’s so popular in fact that there are shops these days, just selling cupcakes! Oh the envy!

If you want to really take it to the next level though, you have to home bake these at home, and take a photo of each creative design you’ve made then post it all on Facebook for all to admire. This way you are demonstrating your creative side as well as practical side, people will be respecting you a LOT more and you demonstrate your value to all.

Oh boy, you’re one talented person now!

11 thoughts on “Cupcake Craze

  1. not sayin' says:

    lol at the recovering sluts that think making cupcakez will turn them into great future wives. Hahaha

  2. Kevin says:

    This post would be more directed and those self-centred females craving facebook attention

  3. haha says:

    Such a weird fascination.

  4. Aaron says:

    They are just cakes, not sure what’s so great about but female logic works in odd waves.

  5. andee says:

    hahah artistic little things, yup! lets spend 20 mins making one little piece of cake look gr8, then take photos to post on FB then also further photos to show each bite that was taken out of this, then at the end photos of crumbs. Ahh female attention whore life is good!

  6. Kevin Wu says:

    But in Hong Kong, we eat cupcake at the children school for snack.

  7. Justin McKenna says:

    Go to the US, it’s worse there!

  8. Ching Chong Chinaman says:

    Melbourne really seems to be the worst when it comes to sad shit like this

  9. Ching Chong Chinaman says:

    I dont think there’s any shitter cities in Australia for wanna-be coolness than Melbourne

  10. […] discretionary income will be spent on exotic cock tours, dining at the finest of restaurants, cupcakes, and he latest iPhone so she can continue to take amazing selfies and also find new Tinder […]

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