Useless Causes I: Slutwalk

So today marks the start of a new series. Useless causes. I often notice protests, petitions, and debates about causes which probably are not worth thinking about. In this new series, these will be looked at and dissected to give you, the reader, an understanding of it.

We kick things off with a guest post for Slutwalk.


“Stop the violence, stop the hate,” hordes of  freakishly ugly women chant as they parade down the streets thinking they are making a huge difference in the world. You might wonder why they are so vocal about such a cause?  Well let’s find out.

So what is SlutWalk really? It all started in 2011, but quite simply it is overweight sea cows, expired cougars and munt-worthy fuglies, that all merge and proudly admit to being easy lays. They know that they won’t be getting any sort of attention from men, so they rely on signalling their sexual promiscuity to capture a desperate male willing to dumpster dive to some pretty low depths as he has no other options. Marketing themselves as easy bangs is almost a ploy that in their deluded minds, permit them to compete with more attractive females. Of course, it’s a useless strategy, because most high-value men who have some options will run after their perfunctory smash of these inhumane beasts.

The sub-par females that rock up to these events are often the ones that do not have the ability to retain any man with anything close to an average Sexual Market Value. They gain “Confidence” by knowing that some dude that didn’t bother to learn her name, banged her and never called her again. They feel “Liberated” that they have huge notch counts with guys who would not admit to knowing them in the face of daylight. They feel “Empowered” by continually getting pumped and dumped by guys who discard them like yesterday’s trash.

On a more basic level, its a known fact that women are the gatekeepers of sex, and letting every Tom, Dick (Heh) and Harry through those gates (ie. Between your legs) really shows how high-value you are. Yup, a high value man is bound to pay full price (ie. commit)  for heavily used and damaged goods (ie. You). Oh, and continue utilising your physical prime by taking lengthy rides on the cock carousel and then don’t forget to start complaining about where all the good men went when you’re well past your prime and spinsterhood becomes a reality.

So let’s just get an idea of what I’m referring to here.

Above is a “Curvy, Beautiful, Liberated, Strong-Willed, Independent, Educated, and Liberated” female who attended one of these incredibly useless protests.

Let’s take a moment and try to understand this from the perspective of this hideous She-Beast.

There is no doubt some self-soothing psychological angle at work here. Obese whores who enjoy bragging to the world about being easy are not really conveying to others so much as they are trying to convince themselves of their massive desirability to the opposite sex. An EMPOWERED, LIBERATED  Slutwalk is just the remedy for an ugly, loser girl that guys don’t give the time of day to. She can continue to roar at the top of her lungs along with the rest of these lowlives about what a catch she is, and maybe for that split second — that sweet afternoon escape on the streets of the city — she forces herself to even believe it, and her self-esteem rises exponentially as she swiftly forgets  all those degrading, sloppy one night stands as some sort of misguided evidence of her incredible looks and desirability.

But then reality hits, and it hits hard. Spinsterhood and a large collection of cats awaits..

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51 thoughts on “Useless Causes I: Slutwalk

  1. Tony says:

    Hahahah sluts going to be ranting over this.

  2. BOB says:


  3. Pryde1 says:

    Best post ever?

  4. J-Shaw says:

    Mate, you slammed them hard hahaha

  5. jchance3 says:

    Hey bro, my name is Jonathan and I am disgusted by this blog post. Just because a woman is a few kilos overweight, does not make her a “SLUT”! We are all beautiful, and we just need to look deep inside our selves to find the true inner beauty of those around us. For example, there is this girl who works at my supermarket, she is probably 21 years old, and probably around 85kgs. But let me tell you, she is a beautiful REAL WOMAN and the way she packs my grocery bags makes me want to marry and cherish her forever! She doesn’t wear make up, she wears pants, and can carry herself at restaurant like man. I respect her entirely and I think all women should follow her example. We don’t need the media and glossy magazines telling us how women should look, we should let nature guide them and all men should cook them romantic dinners, massage them, and buy them gifts to show them our deep love for them. You may call me a “white knight” or a “beta fag”, but I can hold my head up high, proud of the fact that I have never called a woman a “SLUT” and that if they gave me the chance to prove it to them, I would worship them and provide for them, and meet their every need. Love is true my friend, some just have more of it than others.

  6. Kk says:

    missing the point would be an understatement

  7. GG says:

    Funniest thing I read in agez!!

  8. Helen says:

    You do realise slutwalk is a protest against shaming rape victims? Not proclaiming themselves sluts… Hanging shit on victims of sexual assault and their supporters… Yeah you’re really entertaining.

    • OneMoreTime says:

      You do realise that the whole idea of it was to allow women to to dress like and be sluts. Taken a few cocks lately hun?

      • Emily Carp says:

        Except that wasn’t the idea at all. The idea behind SlutWalk was that women should not feel that there are outfits that they can’t wear if they don’t want to be raped. A dress is not a yes. Saying these women are using the protest to ask for sex completely misses the point.

      • Garrry says:

        Haha spot on, these ugly slore bags think they are so great because they can be sluts, they yearn for that feeling of desire that hot young women get.

      • Tazz says:

        Oh god, a hideous warpig such as Emily Carp is exactly the type of ugly fat slut that these protests attract. The only time they get male attention is when they are used as holes to dump inconsequential fucks into.

  9. Rickard says:

    The post doesn’t care about the underlying message rather tha actual portrayal and aims of the low value women that actually turn up to these events. I mean I could just read the news or wikipedia if i gave a shit about what they protested about. Hence it is lolz since it trolls the losers that do these things.

  10. Tasha J says:

    I’m a strong independent woman and if I want to fuck a few guys each week, that’s my right and noone can tell me that I can’t!

  11. Garrry says:

    Should be a dating coach, you know a lot and its all true too

  12. Chan says:

    Please stop these ‘guest posts’.

    They’re even less funny than the original guy, uninformative, and full of awkward sentences.

    Unless that’s what you’re going for.

  13. jetaime says:

    So what you’re saying is that women who are not considered attractive by society’s ridiculously high standards aren’t sexually assaulted? And you think that they’re actually calling themselves sluts? No, they’re protesting victim blaming. Because it doesn’t matter what you wear, rape/assault is never the victim’s fault. And it happens to women everywhere; every shape, size, age and color. Check your societal influence and get a clue. The world is a dangerous place for every woman.

  14. “Slut” is symbolic of how assholes like you victim-blame. I am not obese, I am 18 and I have had 2 different consensual partners in my life [both of which were long term boyfriends]. I am a rape victim and I attend Slut Walk because I deserve to be able to walk to my car at night and not fear for my life. Slut Walk is about raising awareness; so people can see the crowds of people that are heavily affected by victim-blaming and rape and sexual assault. I am not a slut because of what I have been through. I am not seeking attention by telling my story — to be quite honest, I’m often regarded as ‘damaged goods’ — it hurts my social life more than it helps. I do it to keep people aware of how it affects all the people you pass on the street. I’m not a terribly remarkable person. No one would ever think I had been through what I have been through.

    So, go on. Tell me that the reason I march for my right to live without fear of being raped because I was ‘dressed a certain way’ or whatever shit excuse you can come up with for invading another person’s body. Tell me that I asked for it, at 7 years old. I fucking dare you. Tell me that if I had wanted the molestation, rape and beatings to stop, I would’ve told someone by the time I was 12.

    You very obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. You have obviously never been directly affected by sexual assault, and so your opinion is completely invalid, useless and void of value. I’d like to make a request, that you shut the fuck up about social issue that you don’t have the maturity or experience to comprehend.

    • Jake says:

      Melanie Rufrano, tl;Dr. Nobody gives a flying fuck aboit your life story.

    • Michael says:

      i am with you on this Melanie. Jake needs a good rape to understand what you’ve gone through. Do people not understand that rape victims are seen as the cause to the crime? It’s like saying the biggest diamond in the world is stolen, because it’s the biggest diamond in the world, which does not justify the action of stealing. Shame on those who condone the message of Slutwalk.

      • JP says:

        Any coincidence that Melanie Rufrano is ugly and fits into the description of the entry? You do the maths…

    • Hanz says:

      If there’s one thing that feminism’s taught me, is that victim blaming is perfectly acceptable, as long as the victim is male.

      • Jetaime says:

        I have yet to meet a feminist who thinks that way. It is NEVER the victim’s fault, regardless of sex/gender. Rape (and molestation and any forms of harassment) are wrong and nobody ever deserves that. What you have between your legs doesn’t change that.

  15. T-dawg says:

    Hahaha I had a good laugh!

  16. elizabeth says:

    I’m having trouble working out if this blogger is a troll or is actually this stupid. It’s not about being proud to be a slut, the point is that just because you wear something and someone deems you a slut, that doesn’t give them the right to your body. It’s against victim blaming. This person is either a mind-boggling ignorant woman or some sad little man with a small prick.

  17. Francis says:

    Hahaha that de-masculine nerd trying to protest too, what a little girl

  18. Aidan says:

    this is hands down the dumbest shit i’ve ever read on the internet besides what i will write now. slutwalk is about women dressing how they want without being treated like lumps of rape-meat which they are. i don’t think it’s hard to agree that women not being raped is approximately one million different kinds of awesome not for me anyway since that’s the only way I get my dick wet.

    also, ‘sexual market value’, huh? applying your first year b-comm mad skillz to human relationships?

    • Tommy says:

      Oh god I think we have a winner for retard comment of the year. You’ve never heard of SMV? It’s a pretty common term dude.. I think someones lacking in a particular aspect of their life.. and you’re pathetic self-entitled arrogance shines through..

  19. Aidan says:

    whoa, you’re roosh v? the ‘never listen to a woman’ guy? tell me more about how pathetic, arrogant and self-entitled i am

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