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Useless Causes II: Occupy Movement

So you’ve failed life pretty hard, you’re homeless, have no education and absolutely no prospects at succeeding at life, what are you going to do about it? Protest randomly about Wall Street!

Oh, the inequality! The injustice! The greed!

Instead of working hard or trying to at least get by, these people, whom most would deem to be the absolute bottom of society, create a scene in an attempt at being heard. In short, they expect to be given a free ride and rage at people doing well.

So what good is really coming of it? At these occupy protests, piles of trash are mounting, and the place begins to smell unpleasant. After several weeks, many in the crowd are in a serious need of a shower. It feels like a mini-third-world country in the streets of a major city.

The protestors are often creating violence and getting overly frustrated that their lives are terrible, which is a contrast to the bankers putting in the hours on Wall Street and enjoying the fruits of their hard work. There is an underlying jealousy which pushes these protestors to make collection of immature demands, from a free annual living wage, free college education to “forgiveness of debt on the entire planet”.

The large amount of arrests and extremism displayed at these pathetic protests further underlie the joke that is Occupy.

In New York, the NYPD forced the protestors to move from Wall Street to Union Square. I’d often walk by on evenings on the way back to my apartment and notice that it’d be the same people, still bitching and living on the street begging for cash when you walked by.

If you own an expensive car, you should drive by with the top down and show it off to these hopeless individuals, maybe also make sure your car is fast since they’ll probably try to damage it too. This is most likely due to all the built up rage from years of recurring failure at every aspect of their purpose-less lives.

If you ever walk past these protests, think about wearing a largely visible “1%” badge. Also consider wearing some stab and bullet proof clothing too since the risk of getting injured at these protests is pretty high.

Here’s a lovely example of how people get caught up in the joke and just take it too far..

Not convinced yet what a useless thing this so called “movement” is?

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