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Holiday Plans


Exams are nearly done and Summer is just around the corner! Exciting times ahead with no classes until late February!

However, you have four months off.. so what do you do?

Certain types of students at The University of Melbourne have extensive plans, which I’ll describe below.


– You will do at least 1 (Preferably 2) Summer subjects

– Do 10 hours a week of volunteering, maybe 3-4 stints over the summer. This experience is paramount to your success in differentiating yourself.

– Try to learn and practice every subject for Semester 1 next year. If possible try to do the same for Semester 2 as well. By the time you’ve finished completing practice exams you should be able to write your own questions up, and solving them with ease. Maybe also look into writing a nice book detailing the concepts of the subject.

– Spend every moment of free time looking for jobs, internships, or any form of relevant employment. See what they want from successful candidates their job descriptions and try to emulate it.

– Try to network for 5-10 hours a week, use LinkedIn, Add randoms that work at organisations you like on Facebook.

– Try to find at least 2-3 new organisations in your field that you want to work in. Learn their application process, practice any tests required and also routinely practice any potential interview questions that may come up.
Here is a suggested timetable that you should follow for your summer, when you’re not doing your 1-2 Summer subjects.

Note: Career Kids and FOBs may be able to relate.

Follow this above timetable religiously, and you will be more likely to attain success in the future.

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