Useless Causes III: Fat Acceptance

Fat chicks are continuing to develop egos far greater to their physical value entitles them to. One reason for this, is the Fat acceptance movement.

Fat acceptance is the new joke that allows fatties to feel as if it’s ok to be fat, instead of making changes and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Fuck self-improvement! It’s completely fine that we have pop singers like Adele, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga doing their part to make war pigs rocking chubby flapjacks and muffin tops both acceptance as well as cool.

Yup, also to show this is serious business, fatties have their fatkinis, slut pride parades aka fat slut pride parades and proud fatties wearing clothes made for thin girls. And pretty much an entire media industrial complex allied, in word if not in deed, with the fat pride/acceptance/delusion movement. We really are improving this world and making it so much more healthier with these Useless Causes aren’t we?!

So why is there support for this? Well, think about it from a lard-hearted woman’s perspective, she’s never been the object of desire from anyone from the opposite sex her whole life, often watching the thing good looking girls get what they want, she was probably bullied throughout her schooling years, her university days were empty and left her unfulfilled. But now, this fatty who is often in her 20’s, will relate how she is extremely overweight, but never felt better. The delusional confidence which this fad instills on fatties is completely unworthy. Not only does it not target the root of the problem, it gives entitlement to people who are lazy and unhealthy. Now they have fattitude!

Yup, let’s forget the increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, hypertension, stroke, liver disease, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, high cholesterol for fatties, let’s remain fat and try to get all the fringe benefits that slim people get without having to work for it at all! We can have our cake and eat it (Literally!)

13 thoughts on “Useless Causes III: Fat Acceptance

  1. Danny says:


  2. Amber says:

    I think fat people have the right to be treated fairly, they shouldn’t be looked at negatively because they are fat and treated with respect! They deserve that!

    • BlankPage says:

      In reality, they will feel this notion that it’s ok and cool to be fat, what happens when everyone that is fat and unhealthy feels this way? You have checked the latest statistics on obesity right? Yeah, expect that to increase if your utopia of fatties being treated like goddesses occurs.

  3. erwin says:

    god those photos are ew

  4. fatist says:

    My future MIL is a fatty. I have to constantly watch what I say when she’s around because the truth is, I’m a fatist. I think fat people are lazy and have no self-respect. Why should we respect those who have no respect for themselves.

  5. Hully says:

    Mate, fatties are absolute cows

  6. Woodie says:

    She’s not fat mate, she’s a BBW!!

  7. Matt says:

    That disguisting piece of lard is making me sick

  8. […] see fiercely masculine, overweight and ugly women protest hard about the feminist imperative. Often, we are so taken back by their […]

  9. Fat mcFuck says:

    I often see the phrase ‘thin privilege’ being thrown around by FA bloggers and I think that phrase is a gross attempt to deny their own responsibility for the state of their body. The disadvantages that come from being obese are self-imposed. It’s not a privilege to find clothes that fit easily, but a consequence of gorging your face that you can’t. It’s not thin privilege to be able to ride a roller coaster, but a consequence of being obese that you exceed the weight limit and take up two seats. It’s not a privilege to go to the doctor and not have your weight mentioned… that’s what happens when your size isn’t a medical issue. Your doctor bringing up your weight is indicative of how horrifically unhealthy what you’re doing to yourself is. These are simply the effects of ignoring the well-being of your own body. No shit you can’t fit into your shirt now, tubby. But nobody is going to cater to your mistakes. Especially when it’s so expensive, wasteful and draining on those around you to try. If you fuck yourself up, it’s your responsibility to deal with it, not the rest of the world. Fat Consequence=Thin Privilege!

  10. mymanandme03 says:

    They even thin-shame/fit-shame nowadays and try to convince men that slim women are ugly and a sack of bones. Oh please.

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