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Guest Post: Feminism – What really matters?

So I received a nice guest post from a reader of this blog. I thought I would accept their offer of posting it on here:

Feminism – What Really Matters?


Most women feel that they are jaded and abused by men. They often feel that they are particularly leveled low and regarded as the weaker gender. In most cases, the shout for equality is too loud that it is heard everywhere. Feminists often feel that they are suffering injustice and inequality because of their sex. They often believed that most gender divisions in our society are particularly working to the advantage of men. Let us say for example, in a home, a feminist holds the opinion that they are assigned to do the household tasks without compensation. The family for them is considered patriarchal and that they are oppressed by working to the advantage of the male gender. Sometimes deprived to look for a job of their own they end up being dependent on men for money. This happens because they have to take care of their children and cover for the household responsibilities. They also have to look after the welfare and well-being of their kids as well as attend to the emotional care of their children, even husbands too. Although, women have jobs, they still have to do these things for their family that the husbands are not required to do. This makes it even harder for women to cope with it on top of the house chores and their jobs. Even with society, the male gender is considered dominant with notions that most things are better done by men rather than women. This may be so, but do you think focusing on these things would do women any good?

The Part Played by Feminism

Feminism calls for the eradication gender inequality to uphold women’s rights, issues and interests in the society. However, the ideology focuses on too many negative issues that it becomes exaggerated while some women overdo it resulting to hypocrisy. Like when men try to win a woman by being nice, gentle and romantic which is believed by men as what most women want. In this case, the woman would consider the man as simply acting out and has a hidden agenda. She would even label the guy as the “creepy nice guy”. However, on the other hand, when a man does the opposite and acts casual, women would consider the guy as irresponsible and unable to ‘man up’. This applies to women who are older and are looking for serious relationships at the time.  Now, they wanted the creepy nice guy that they have shunned before. The hypocrisy on feminism is also evident in the case of divorce in America. Women wanted equal rights socially and intellectually, yet they require alimony after divorce. There are also cases when women cannot do their part in the household. Let us say for example, a woman does not know how to cook. Still, that being the case, she still expects her man the full responsibility of providing like pay bills, mortgage, etc. without having to complain. She calls for equality when it is only for her advantage. Upholding women’s rights is not a bad thing at all. However, the hypocrisy behind it makes it look bad.

What Really Matters?

Focusing too much on the negative issues of gender differences often makes feminists blind of the current changes in our society. They still feel that they are victims of inequality despite that a lot has happened since then. Feminism started long before with a noble intention to gain respect for women when it comes to politics and society. However, as one feminist comes after another, the mindset and ideologies changed.  Modern feminists are becoming angry and call for too much equality and would like to be everything that the male gender is. However, in real life, that kind of thing is not possible. A man is a man and a woman is a woman. In a family, men and women are supposedly partners. They should compensate each other with regards to their strength and weaknesses. The husband protects his family as the wife nurtures it. Now, it would then destroy the bond between the two when one rejects the responsibility that is expected of them. As with modern feminism, women believed that doing the household chores and caring for their children is injustice on their part, then that breaks the marriage or bond resulting in divorce and failed marriages.  This also, being the case, women refuse to get married and would rather prefer to live in with her partner than be tied with the vows of marriage. This also applies to more women who prefer the use of contraceptives and even abortion in order to avoid being tied up in a relationship. As feminists promote the use of contraceptives, a lot of negative things follow. These include young women engaging in sex at a very young age as well as cases of sicknesses and cancer in women. Not to mention, the failed marriages and broken families that causes confusions among their children. Now, as a woman, do you honestly think that these actions and ideologies of feminism really did you good? Women should embrace their responsibilities as women. This also applies for men to so.

The Bottom Line

Feminist’s voices are so loud that there have been changes since they called for equality. More laws have been on the side of women in general. Now, this subjugates men a bit too far. Most women, nowadays, conquer the corporate world, making men fall into the category of second-class citizens. Even, the laws favor women resulting for men to have lesser chances of gaining custody of their children. Men lost their roles in society especially with women having to earn more money than they could. Now, this kind of scenario has changed the society a lot, and as a matter of fact, for the worse. Women occupying a better position than men in society, not only diminishes the men’s role in society but also in a family as well. Women must remember that they have fathers who protected and took care of them and whom they have and should respect. Same goes to their children, who should keep that kind of image of their father in the family.