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Dating: The Western Reality


I must say, on the odd occasions I read a mainstream publication, I find it cringe-worthy how some deluded spinster with her MA from The University of Fail Whales, writes up specific rules for women on just about everything: how to show interest to a man, speak to him, show warmth, when to put out and so on. So why is this bad? It’s not hard to see that modern women in the western world are now finding it increasingly difficult being themselves around men as they have adapted their personalities with behaviour they witness at the movies and in celebrities, and “advice” they come across in your gossip magazines and relationship books, which collectively is an influential cultural force that your classic western girl just cannot overlook.

At a certain stage in a western girl’s life, generally in late high school, in university or just after, there is one guy who annihilates her heart. He basically tramples over her feelings and pulls off your stereotypical pump and dump, as we know it. She adored him a lot, but he failed respond for reasons unknown to her. She goes around looking for ways to mitigate this from happening in the future. Often, this leads to her girlfriends – who probably never had a meaningful relationship in their inexperienced lives providing her with “guidance” on how to keep guys around in the future. They overload her with advice straight from their limited understandings and obsessive reading of magazines. She’ll start reciting their advice mentally to remind herself: “Don’t seem too keen – that’s desperation! Show less interest. Don’t call him back right away. Remind him you’re seeing other guys. Respond to his texts the next day. Rock up late to dates. Don’t put out until you guys are two months in.” She takes this advice seriously, and complements it with horrendous girl magazine reading marathons. She ends up taking a strong liking to shows such as “Sex In The City” revering a show that showcases old deluded women, who are the epitome of failure at having a fulfilling relationship, but who have the advantageous skill of rationalising being complete slam pieces for an avalanche of men.


Instead of tolerating that rejection is an undesirable part of life – which everyone experiences at some stage – and staying strong to find the right person with suitable characteristics, the typical western girl overplays it and integrates a ludicrous game that is just an intricate defence contraption against getting wounded emotionally. Her delusion, combined with her hypergamous desire, continues to lead her to guys above her league, and without any long term prospects. She continues to go back to the guys that use her, abuse her then reduce her to shreds. This in-turn converts her from a vulnerable, genuine, feminine young woman to an aloof, self-entitled and bitchy spinster – something no man could ever take seriously. Each pump and dump further masculinises her personality and continues to destroy her femininity. There is no withdrawing the venality of this western girl after this conditioning, and she will forever be spoiled in the eyes of a sincere, caring and honest man with options.

The same man who probably would find this girl’s old-self somewhat alluring and relationship-worthy is tremendously distressed that this pretty girl plays the game so hard. Because in reality, there’s no guy with value out there that will want to really invest in a girl that is so detached, “busy” and so easily influenced by your magazines and fictional television programs. So what does he do? He puts up with her cold, bitchy personality just long enough to get that notch on his bedpost, and then proceeds to discard her like yesterday’s trash. It’s ironic that a girl who is scared of getting pumped and dumped takes on a persona that causes guys to do exactly that, even more. Her feminine allure disappears, she becomes an object for guys to work out, smash then dash. There’s nothing keeping them attached to her, as her inability to show any human vulnerability or warmth regulates them to view her as a short-term physical prospect. She continues to struggle to understand why these “douchebags” and “assholes” never call back. She still fails to understand that many men out there desire a cute, feminine girl who treats him well, and shows affection.

Your typical western girl will fly throughout her prime years taking intense and lengthy rides on the cock carousel. Her money will be used on clothing, nights out, and trips to exotic overseas locations, sampling random cock without the consequence of being perceived as the slut she is, by her friends back home. Instead of improving herself, her traits, her qualities, and making herself more desirable to high-quality men, she will slut it up by banging and “dating” many guys concurrently and yet be completely unhappy with herself at the same time. She will supplicate this with constant reassurances such as “I’m just having fun”, “No man is good enough for me” or “I’m not ready for a relationship” all throughout these years. Her best physical years pass as her biological clock ticks away and she realises that she doesn’t get as many looks from guys as she used to, she realises that spinsterhood soon could become a terrifying reality, she realises that the 68 notches on her bedpost could be a bit of a problem in the eyes of many. Still, she remains defiant, persuading herself that she is “More cultured, more desirable, more worthy than ever!”. She believes that her promotion at her new job and Masters degree entitles her to a high-value partner, yet her illogical mind struggles to comprehend that men cannot fall in love or have sex with a woman’s job and qualifications.

The sexual marketplace is harsh and she soon discovers that these false misconceptions will get her nowhere. She tries desperately to deceive some low-value desperado into being a provider for her. She puts up an act just long enough for him to put a ring on it and see the poor inexperienced guy make the worst decision of his life. He marries and pays full price for the damaged goods she is, leading to a miserable married life for both. She strays and begins cheating as her slutty attitudes from the past just don’t seem to go away and then comes a messy divorce. She rinses her now ex-husband clean from the divorce and then becomes a desperate cougar. She continues trying new ways to find that last chance of happiness, whilst working away at the gym excessively to find new younger prey. Yet, despite this, she is ends up still being miserable and unhappy for the remainder of her saggy days.

Her daughters grow up to be huge damaged sluts just like her.

Rinse and repeat.

And there we have it, a western reality.



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