Daily Archives: February 2, 2013

Rationalising Mistakes


I’ve always wondered the rationalisation that loose women use to justify their slutdom.

A few honest questions though..

Was spending your best physical years riding from random cock to cock really worth it?

Was reducing your sexual market value, getting pumped and dumped, being used as a slam piece by random men, validating for you?

The mediocre sex, the sloppy one night stands, the lack of attention and validation, the “rush” of banging someone without knowing their name, was it all that great?

The morning after, the regret, the feeling of being used for carnal pleasure, the constant reassurances to yourself that you’ll change..

..It was all worth it, right?

Using all your money from your boring job in HR on nights out to bang random dudes who couldn’t care less about who you were was “Liberating”, wasn’t it?

Did David, the Lawyer, John, the Investment Banker, Kevin, the Doctor, hang around more than a few weeks? Did he satisfy your desire for commitment? Or did he just “Smash and Dash”?

Did you enjoy hearing the above men say things like “Women can have sex with whoever they want and not be shamed for it. That’s only fair. Such a terrible society we live in. Such double standards!”

Reality is a bit harsher, honey. Life really isn’t fair, learn to deal with that.

The process continues, go out, meet random guy, end up at his, and get discarded like week-old trash the next morning.

So what do you have to show for it? A few cases of UTIs, random STD’s and an abortion or two in there too?

Isn’t it odd that most raging sluts are usually your average girls in terms of looks? The validation and sense of desire they need from being merely average and banging a multitude of guys really must supplicate their insecurity about not being at the higher end of the beauty scales.

The more dicks a woman has been banged by, the less likely she’ll be satisfied by any particular one. As the number of he-rockets ravaging her she-pocket increases, her ability to bond with a man is accordingly decreased…. Why ancient truths have to be relearned by modern morons is beyond me.

But hey, who are we to complain? Just don’t get mad when we don’t return your calls or texts and expect Prince Charming to show up.