The Career Carousel


I have already written in the past how the western culture has destroyed women from the perspective of a meaningful relationship capacity, now another common occurrence which is rather widespread and encouraged even, is riding the career carousel.

So many women excessively dedicate themselves into their career in the hope that it would lead them to greater success in life, happiness and financial prosperity. In my field especially, the added stress, and insane working hours often leads to young women, who are fresh and full of life when they commence their careers, to end up as jaded, bitchy, saggy women when they leave. The other alternative is ugly women who fail to attract a desirable man switch strategies from finding a provider male to collecting the resources themselves, for them this is probably a good escape.

Recently, I was looking over an article which displayed a photo of a former University of Melbourne Commerce graduate, when she finished her undergraduate degree she was quite attractive and had the added-value of being rather intelligent too, quite the catch you would think. After a few years working in Finance, working insane hours and enduring all that stress, she looks almost 10 years older than what her real age is. Quite a pity.

There is always just a little something “off” about women who are unreasonably dedicated to their professions and to gaining an acronymic procession of purposeless credentials. Careerist women are some of the most unpleasant, unfeminine women to be around. It isn’t hard to pick up on the majority of women that have been riding the career train for 5+ years in high-stress professions without any visual cues; their masculine attitudes are often more than enough to signal their level of venality that has infected them throughout their corporate ladder climbing days.

For many women the desire is there, more so due to the usual societal bullshit encouraging how empowering it is to be a “Strong, independent, career driven woman”. They often even believe that their employer is almost an extension of their personality. On so many occasions people voluntarily drop the name of their employer in the finance field and expect some sort of praise in response to it. Remember that you’re expendable, and having incredible amounts of loyalty to your employer is exactly what they would want from you. All the usual corporate culture bullshit you have been fed has conditioned you into that. I’d say that students at The University of Melbourne are probably one of the worst proponents of it; they ride the career train far too hard, and think that because they work at their respective organisations that their status is Oh so high! After being a corporate drone for years, they start to gain a realisation of how they have lost their individuality and are now as “Cookie Cutter” as the person sitting in the cubicle opposite them. It’s somewhat sad, sad to see the homogeneous output of what years of grinding it out too hard in the corporate world can spit out.

Attractive young girls of many other cultures usually put personal life, love and marriage before career, and would tend to have happier love and family lives. This is why fugly feminists with several degrees slur stay-at-home mums so clamorously; ugly women feel, on a deep instinctual level, that their sub-par attractiveness is the actual cause of why they don’t have the possessions that better looking women have, so they pretend they never desired those things or that the women who want those things are somehow lesser women, inexperienced, provincial dummies of a fictional patriarchy who does not appreciate the joys of climbing the corporate ladder, getting that CPI-aligned pay “rise” along with the stress and added responsibility of a new title. These feminists are, of course, involved in an animated, charred crusade of dishonesty.

After you realise that the HR spiels are bullshit and that it’s fairly impossible to be “Rich” working for someone else, reality hits and then comes your mid-life crisis, when you think to yourself “Is there all there is to my life?” But by then the damage is done. Your hair is probably shortened so its low maintenance, your wrinkles would probably be glistening from all those late nights working, you’ll probably be out of shape from those convenient meals, and you’ll be distant from people who are or were close to you. All that to pursue that title!

Women must realise that they should never feel entitled to a high quality partner because of their “good” job, we aren’t attracted to your earning capacity, and we cannot have sex with your pay-cheque or fall in love with your Master’s degree. Having a nice feminine allure and balancing out yourself with positive traits is more likely to land you someone of desire.

The brain-dead feminists will naturally ask, “Why doesn’t the same theory apply to men? Aren’t they escaping sad love lives by retreating to their careers?”

Don’t you know it’s different for guys? Unlike women, men are evolutionarily encoded to be resource providers for women. It is not a treachery of a man’s instinctive purpose in life to determinedly pursue accomplishment and honours. In fact, just the contradictory; it’s a verification of that primitive purpose. A man turning his back on raising his status is akin to a woman allowing herself to get overweight and disheveled.


14 thoughts on “The Career Carousel

  1. Anne Stevens says:

    I have always found a good link between overworked women and lots of sexual partners, some of them use it as relief.

  2. J says:

    They have money, education, but no happiness.

  3. Comrad says:

    i’d say ur right about finding the right balance of course there’s always going to be people who enjoy the stress and intensity of work but that’s a minor few.

  4. Phelixx says:

    I can relate to what you write here, some of the most bitter people I have ever encountered were the ones that were chewed up and spit out by corporations. They lived the dream then realised it was a nightmare too late.

  5. L-G-U says:

    they are good for a night or two

  6. A Male says:

    Lets talk a bit about male next round, keen to read 😉

  7. killerkamz says:

    Mangina haters stand up!

  8. Jake Hoffman says:

    these women, they often will use work as an escape from reality, from issues that they don’t want to address.

  9. Simon says:

    Such a sad sight, it keeps happening though – people end up like this and keep living life as its a schedule.

  10. Dimitry says:

    write about single moms

  11. Gino says:

    Write about sadkunt lecturers.

  12. mickeymouseman says:

    god, i’m so glad you wrote this, i feel similar.

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