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Crippled Emotion



A slight change in pace for this post

When I was overseas recently, I was in a bookshop when there was a couple sitting nearby that caught my eye. I was in a third world country, where most people wouldn’t have the same privileges that I have. The woman was overweight and in a wheelchair sitting next to a man who appeared to have down syndrome. Both were dressed as if they lived on the streets. They held each other closely, clasping as if they were saying goodbye to each other for an extended period of time. They appeared on the brink of tears but you had a feeling they were happy.

So I’m sitting there, staring at these two people, who are unmindful to everyone around them, and realise they will probably never have the same level of comfort I experience on a daily basis. The struggles that they face everyday to lead a somewhat normal life in a country stricken by poverty is much more than anything anyone I know has faced. But they sit there, holding each other, experiencing a strong, deep connection. It’s a strong moment but soon you realise it all fades. Fades to black, reality hits.

But then you realise that many of the people living that lifestyle are the ones who don’t have a choice.

How many people would intentionally cripple your legs, retard yourselves, if it guaranteed something simple and joyful?

How many of you guys would move to a poverty stricken third world country where you risk your life everyday when you leave your house?

Be happy with not being happy.

Mediocrity is back in business.

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