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What does your life look like?


Common male living in the modern western world, this is how your existence will develop.  You will commence with aspirations, grand aspirations.  You will consider that you are intended for something extraordinary.  You will unwillingly abandon your visions as the ages pass and reality adamantly inclines upon you like a bitter blanket of grit.  That truth stares at you something like this –

You will age, get less attractive, and expand as each year passes.  Soon you will notice young, desirable females failing to take your flirtations seriously.  Your laziness and social disinterest will worsen until individuals do not even worry to be gracious around you.  You will progressively lower your standards in what you want in a girl until desperation thrusts you to marry a dumpy oinker well past her best years. You will now be paying full price for the used car that everyone experienced the “new car smell” with in its virile prime.  You will rut with her once a week initially, then once a month, then holidays only, then only on anniversaries.  You will release yourself tediously masturbating in the middle of the night by the cold wavering light of your computer monitor while that overstuffed warpig who doesn’t care for your desires snores in the bed you can no longer get a nod of sleep in.  Your one scrap of comfort will come from knowing your low value wife; will have as few options in the sexual marketplace as you do, essentially guaranteeing constant fidelity.  Eventually she will pump out a few snotty kids and your free time and discretionary cash will be completely obliterated.  You will dissipate whatever fragments of opportunities that pass your way as you settle into a placid, dull job paying the average wage obediently plugging away as a lifeless soul in the corporate hierarchy that will proceed to discard you like used trash the moment the value you offer drops. You will wordlessly bemoan your ineffectual, shrivelled manhood as the reputable order extracts the last penny of praise from your cracked spirit.  You will numb the pain with alcohol and countless hours vegging in front of the TV.  Hours, days, months, years will slip away.  Then, one dark, lonely day, you’ll consider the arch of your life.  You will feel the bedevilling grip of desolation as the overwhelming weight of what a barren nothingness your reality proved to be presses down on you.  Hardly understanding, you’ll shake.  And then, finally, the Grim Reaper will pinch your last breath and you will fade from the world as if you had never been here and when they bury you not one person will really notice and no one will really care because in your whole life you never ever, not even once, stepped outside the square, and lived life.

And it will be too late when you understand that the chains clutched to your ankles and wrists were unlocked all this time, and you were always free to go.

Efficiency In A University


Universities are probably one of the most inefficiently run institutions that you could imagine.

You would think that all your fees would amount to a streamlined, well run institution which can easily adapt to changes.
Nope. Instead, you’ll be presented with an institution where there are  constant overlaps in job roles, useless meetings which accomplish little and  departments battling each other rather than working collectively. It’s great if you work in this environment since you’ll be well remunerated (Thank god there’s HEW bands in salaries) and will most likely be bludging for most of your week. The mid-high level jobs relating to the running of a university are awesome, since you’re job will be about appearances: You must appear to be busy, you must appear to be exerting yourself, you must show your face to the 13 weekly meetings and appear to care. It’s comparable to working in Government roles I would imagine. So it’s little surprise when there’s staff cuts and redundancies.

Overall, the quality of education is probably only slightly affected, since the academic side of a University will probably have only a marginal affect from the Administration aspect of it, but if you’re ever looking at starting an education related business that you eventually wish to go large, the last thing you would want to model it on is a university, unless you get decent funding from the government and have vast overseas cash flow rolling in.

P.S. I won’t be surprised if some University employee working a random admin gig sends me a hate-filled e-mail.

The Foodie Fad


I’m sure many people who use social media see the rising trend of Foodies constantly updating their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with photos of basically every meal they consume.

The core basics that are required to please their constant crave of showing off their amazing meals is something along the lines of the following:

1. Take your everyday meal, even microwaved ones and play around with it so it looks a bit neater.

2. Go through every Instagram filter and pick out one that makes it look most appealing.

3. Upload to each relevant social media website, with a line expressing the amazing taste/beauty/effort behind your creation.

Now that you’ve uploaded this, you have demonstrated to everyone around you how you are a complete person, you have it all, oh you can “cook” too!

It’s great to see that we all have this undying desire to inundate everyone with the most menial details of our lives.


I have slowly learned that if you want to amaze a bunch of foodies, you need only to these following five points in mind. Restaurants do this well.

1. Copy the trends, whether its fusion cuisine, charcuterie boards, fennel oil etc.

2. Add as much salt and butter as you possibly can.

3. Put medium-sized portions on gigantic plates. If it would look ridiculous to a starving African kid then the presentation is 100% correct.

4. Drizzle colorful sauces on the fringes of the plates to remind the foodie of an ice cream sundae.

5. Charge at least $25-30 a plate. If it’s cheap then it can’t be that good.

Recently, I was talking to someone bitching about how they were so poor and how the cost of living is too high. It later it came out that they ate dinner out three to four times a week. That laziness burned a hole in her pocket, gave her a crucial muffin top, and was clogging her arteries, all so she can pretend that she knows what good food is, and tell everyone she dined at ____ and that the food was ____ but the service was _____. She added that she was “too busy” to fuss around in her kitchen. Because riding that career train on express to the terminus is more important.

Now if a person is too busy to provide basic sustenance for themselves, that really reflects well on their priorities in life, as proper nutrition and suitable shelter are the two most important things to survival, it’s only normal to be too “busy” for it isn’t it?

Happiness, does it last?

It’s impossible to duplicate happiness.

If you’re ever in a period in your life, whether it’s in a country, with someone, in a job that brings you a lot of happiness and there is a break where you are absent from it, you simply cannot go back and re-live the same level of happiness that you experienced the first time.

It’s hard for many people to accept that, especially if there are places or people that made them happy in the past that no longer bring that same level of enjoyment to them at present, whether it’s due to things changing on their part or other external factors.

Is there really a remedy to it? All that can be said is that if there is something, some place or someone that makes you happy than stick with it until it doesn’t anymore. At least know that whatever happiness you got out of it has passed before you move on.

Happiness almost works as a drug, you have peaks (Highs), you have troughs (Lows), but you have that baseline, that baseline is what regulates you, you seek peaks but they don’t last forever, you have troughs and you seek to come back to your baseline, then at your baseline you’re seeking that next high (Withdrawl symptoms?), but it won’t ever last forever. The honeymoon only lasts for ever so long before you mundanely drift back to your baseline.

So does your baseline change? With a new environment? Changes to your financial position? Your environment doesn’t change your inherent disposition. It provides little increases to your pleasure level, but it always falls back to where it was at the start. Altering your belief system can certainly affect the regulator of your temperament, but only by a slight extent. So does money change this? Even money can’t change the basic emotions and insecurities we all feel, either from not having enough or not feeling fulfilled. It means the human experience is the same for everyone. It’s better to have money than not, but it doesn’t solve everything

If you’re ever in a place in your life where everything is going right, you’re at ease with yourself; you would be a sucker to let it go. Know that.

Book Review: Why Can’t I Use A Smiley Face?

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I was offered to review Roosh V’s latest memoir “Why Can’t I Use A Smiley Face?” which details his month long return to his native USA after spending almost two years abroad.
Commencing with his last days in Europe, Roosh details his arrival to the US which is received with bittersweet emotions. His unconventional lifestyle which has lead him to travel a myriad of countries around the world has had left him with pitfalls with his friends and family back home. He elaborates his family’s view on his unique lifestyle and the rift which has been created due to his extended periods of time away.

Throughout the book, Roosh’s honest explanations of his thought processes make it easy to comprehend his development as a person which has come with his worldly experiences. The unique experiences, entertaining stories and words of wisdom which are easy to notice throughout the memoir insinuate the learning which has occurred through the many years of traveling.

A common theme throughout the book is the juxtaposition between the culture and women which he encounters back in the US to what he has experience in Europe for the last two years.  The overall negativity and discontent which Roosh explains about America would leave readers nodding in agreement. The materialistic culture, masculine attitudes, distant & cold personalities present in the women throughout the book make it easy to understand why Roosh has such a negative perception of American Women. After experiencing the allure of feminine women all throughout Eastern Europe, that do not possess traits such as self-entitlement well above their sexual market value, it leaves little hesitation as to why he has such a low desire to pursue women in the United States.
It’s evident throughout the book that Roosh cannot fit in to the American culture anymore, the same culture in which he grew up, is now met with disgust and displeasure. The book ends with no clear premonition of what Roosh will do in the future but a sense of vague excitement.

Overall, Roosh’s latest work was entertaining, his dry sense of humour coupled with his clear and expressive writing style makes this book a pleasure to read.