Daily Archives: March 17, 2013

The Foodie Fad


I’m sure many people who use social media see the rising trend of Foodies constantly updating their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with photos of basically every meal they consume.

The core basics that are required to please their constant crave of showing off their amazing meals is something along the lines of the following:

1. Take your everyday meal, even microwaved ones and play around with it so it looks a bit neater.

2. Go through every Instagram filter and pick out one that makes it look most appealing.

3. Upload to each relevant social media website, with a line expressing the amazing taste/beauty/effort behind your creation.

Now that you’ve uploaded this, you have demonstrated to everyone around you how you are a complete person, you have it all, oh you can “cook” too!

It’s great to see that we all have this undying desire to inundate everyone with the most menial details of our lives.


I have slowly learned that if you want to amaze a bunch of foodies, you need only to these following five points in mind. Restaurants do this well.

1. Copy the trends, whether its fusion cuisine, charcuterie boards, fennel oil etc.

2. Add as much salt and butter as you possibly can.

3. Put medium-sized portions on gigantic plates. If it would look ridiculous to a starving African kid then the presentation is 100% correct.

4. Drizzle colorful sauces on the fringes of the plates to remind the foodie of an ice cream sundae.

5. Charge at least $25-30 a plate. If it’s cheap then it can’t be that good.

Recently, I was talking to someone bitching about how they were so poor and how the cost of living is too high. It later it came out that they ate dinner out three to four times a week. That laziness burned a hole in her pocket, gave her a crucial muffin top, and was clogging her arteries, all so she can pretend that she knows what good food is, and tell everyone she dined at ____ and that the food was ____ but the service was _____. She added that she was “too busy” to fuss around in her kitchen. Because riding that career train on express to the terminus is more important.

Now if a person is too busy to provide basic sustenance for themselves, that really reflects well on their priorities in life, as proper nutrition and suitable shelter are the two most important things to survival, it’s only normal to be too “busy” for it isn’t it?