Efficiency In A University


Universities are probably one of the most inefficiently run institutions that you could imagine.

You would think that all your fees would amount to a streamlined, well run institution which can easily adapt to changes.
Nope. Instead, you’ll be presented with an institution where there are  constant overlaps in job roles, useless meetings which accomplish little and  departments battling each other rather than working collectively. It’s great if you work in this environment since you’ll be well remunerated (Thank god there’s HEW bands in salaries) and will most likely be bludging for most of your week. The mid-high level jobs relating to the running of a university are awesome, since you’re job will be about appearances: You must appear to be busy, you must appear to be exerting yourself, you must show your face to the 13 weekly meetings and appear to care. It’s comparable to working in Government roles I would imagine. So it’s little surprise when there’s staff cuts and redundancies.

Overall, the quality of education is probably only slightly affected, since the academic side of a University will probably have only a marginal affect from the Administration aspect of it, but if you’re ever looking at starting an education related business that you eventually wish to go large, the last thing you would want to model it on is a university, unless you get decent funding from the government and have vast overseas cash flow rolling in.

P.S. I won’t be surprised if some University employee working a random admin gig sends me a hate-filled e-mail.

11 thoughts on “Efficiency In A University

  1. Zach3 says:

    its pretty obvious to note that the people who work at universities are dumb as!

  2. Jus says:

    no wonder the portal is always down!

  3. Galina says:

    I work at a university and i think this is correct.

  4. Philip Lall says:

    Even harvard sucks at effieciency but who cares thats expected

  5. Nick Harris says:

    What are you expecting? Profit making machines?

  6. H2 says:

    Good money at uni jobs though!!

  7. frankie d _ says:

    D47 r0x0r3d my b0x0rz!!!

  8. 2200 says:

    the fuck? the staff are just as slack as us students?

  9. arctic wolf says:

    appear to this, aaappear to that. thats what life is then eh, apperances?

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