Daily Archives: April 16, 2013

“I don’t need a man!”


As previously outlined within an earlier post, the modern movement of “strong, independent woman” has taken the declining Western World by storm in present times.

It’s not uncommon to hear women constantly reassure themselves that they “Don’t need a man”. It seems as if a modern girl thinks it’s weakness to show a man how much she needs him. I’m sure some of you have worked within a a corporate environment, so the best analogy that seems to apply when dating these “strong, independent”  women, is like dealing with co-workers. They’re very thoughtful with what words escape their mouth. Every laugh is meticulously orchestrated—she must’ve laugh too hard now or you may think she thinks you’re funny. Every word is carefully analysed and judged—she must not show too much interest because that is a sign of vulnerability since she will believe that you have the upper hand now, so she’ll need to supplicate it by making fun of you.

The modern woman has exchanged one figure in the house, who happened to love them, for a tyrant who doesn’t care for them and can discard them like used goods, if budgeted figures aren’t being met. Career carouselling leaves these women on the back foot after they’ve “explored” themselves throughout their best physical years, then they can look to “settle” down, when that biological clock is close to winding down. Many women want it all without compromise, yet when they wind up with something less than the perfect lifestyle that gives them the unrealistic expectation of constant recurring happiness, they complain.

I recently received an email from a Feminist displaying strong signs of misandry, within it was the notion that Men are redundant now. Her argument revolved around the fact that women are now so independent and empowered that they don’t need a man in their lives, that’s any type of man. This simply cannot be the case, ever.

How you might ask?

Think about it, who owns the company that produces her handbangs? Mostly likely, a man.

Who are the people behind Apple? Samsung? Nike? Male shareholders.

Yet they say are independent and not reliant on men? That’s simply not true.

In previous generations, women were in the house, doing three hours of housework a day, with a lot of free time to pursue their own interests while the kids were in school, yet these days feminists will convince you that you have to do three times as much work for even less happiness, with a lower chance of having a stable family.

Feminists are always unhappy, dissatisfied, and constantly loathing men, supporting their worthless cause will make you as jaded and miserable as them. Soon you will be present in the midst of continually collecting cats in order to fill that void in your life that a worthy partner should. Is it just a co-incidence that most feminists are ugly? bitter? discontent?
No. these women have their own agenda, after failing miserably in various facets of life (Securing a worthy partner, progressing within her job etc) this simply cannot be due to her own shortcomings, nope, she has the time to attend a 3 hour SlutWalk but not enough time to jumpon the treadmill for 1 hour. So it seems for many they are rationalising this by jumping on the feminism bandwagon which is quickly becoming a popular coping mechanism.

Every deluded Feminist has their own agenda. Remember dictating garbage like “I don’t need a man” with the hope of convincing followers that it’s all true, isn’t for your benefit, it’s for their own.