“No Expectations!”


“I’ve got no expectations!”

Ahh.. the amount of times I hear that. Often from carousel-ridden slores that have been pumped, dumped and burnt a few too many times before.

You see, most women in their naive teenage years and early 20s will often have expectations of a love story, a romantic comedy or a fairy tale. It’s what they’ve been exposed to whilst growing up, it’s what they yearn for. Co-incidentally, these are the prime physical years for a female. Each time they get discarded like used trash, they become more distant, aloof, the pain of each pump and dump is often emotionally strenuous. That love story begins to seem more and more of an imaginary dream which just never seems to arrive.

..So what do these girls do?

They distance themselves from their emotions, often convincing themselves that after disappointment after disappointment they have “No expectations” so they don’t get left frustrated, and dissatisfied by another “douchebag” yet again. They hide their natural emotions so much so they steadily become an emotionless being that will not get hurt again. This in-turn begins to affect them, deeper than what they would imagine. Slowly the ability to love and care begin to get affected. They become repulsive, bitchy, painful to endure time around. This occurs simultaneously as they age, and begin their decline in looks and ultimately sexual market value.

The girls that I describe in this post are you are the ones that are average to slightly above average in terms of looks. Why? It is because a man will always notice a woman’s beauty. He does not fall in love with her intellect, her occupation, her credentials, her family connections, her employability, her future time orientation, or her beliefs. You see the absolutely top shelf have their beauty which inspires his commitment, his lust, his affection, his tenderness, his security, his delirium.

So the next time you hear a girl with “No expectations” maybe think twice about how much effort you’re willing to put in. You’re more than likely dealing with a girl who’s done the rounds, and probably past it after being used by and thrown out by dozens of guys in her prime physical years. All you get are the leftovers which are a shade of what she was in her peak. There isn’t much reason to pedastalise her as some angel unless you’re the chump that doesn’t know any better.

7 thoughts on ““No Expectations!”

  1. Verena says:

    lipstick feminists stand up

  2. Barbie Girl says:

    This only happens since guys behave like dickheads, if girls were nice and treated us well then we would be more open.

  3. hdhsh says:

    Today I met a guy, he was so cute. But to give him space and not screw it up like past relationships I told him I have no expectations. I swear he’s perfect!

  4. Rocky says:

    Hahahaha god used up sluts are the epitome of damaged

  5. Tina says:

    I don’t care, I have no expectations! If things go bad then that’s ok! Cause I didn’t expect anything

  6. Wonger says:

    that logo shit looks sick

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