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A cultural comparative


So the desire to explore leads me to Eastern Europe. Although I expected things to be different here from back home – I still find it eye opening when making juxtapositions between where I am and where I am from.

It’s evident that although this part of the world isn’t as wealthy as Australia, people are undoubtedly happy. Their attitudes are much more pleasant and enjoyable compared to the usual narcissistic, self-entitled, Gen-Y Westerner. The general population here are satisfied with what they have.

This carries on well to the women here too; aesthetically on average they rank much higher than most places in the English-speaking world. But what is most appealing would be their warm personalities. I’m sure the typical girl anywhere within the Anglo sphere will be far more repulsive and bitchy compared to the typical girl here. Despite being merely average or slightly above  in the looks department, the typical Western girl will foster behaviour which bestows her as some amazing goddess, this partially has been accelerated with emasculating Western men and social media showering her with attention and validation. The end result is attention craving “women” that have behaviour strongly resembling approval seeking toddlers. I feel as if the women here know where they stand, have better self-awareness and act in an according manner.

The immaturity within Western Women leads all throughout their existence. You see, girls here on an overall scale aren’t like your typical easy slags you would find in the US, or UK or Australia. They have the realisation that perpetually riding random dicks (Many of which would be strangers too!) isn’t going to bring them happiness. They don’t seek validation from being an object of desire for a few rolls in the hay stack, from men who couldn’t care one bit about them. Women here stick by what makes them happy. Further to this, the girls here are not the type you really want to pump and dump in the first place, even for the most heartless cad. Why you might ask? Since they are often much more pleasant to be in the presence of, you would be frequently perceiving them as the type that you would rather spend time with unlike the hordes of slores back home that offer no value besides a few hours as a physical outlet.

For women, the emotional damage, delusion and loss of femininity that comes with having a mile-long sexual history greatly outweigh any benefits, if at all that comes from being a carousel-ridden slam piece.  The girls here know this and behave logically in order to prevent this occurrence. The typical girl back home might have traces of this knowledge but she will behave emotionally and struggle to control herself when a guy makes her ‘gina tingle. How many times have you heard slags mention how “It just happened” or how she was “Following her heart”, let’s just say we would all be pretty well off if we were given a dollar every time those rationalisation statements were dropped.

More often than not, the easy westerner will be waking up the next morning and then evaluating her actions maybe even for a few weeks after it occurred. This will eventually be labelled by her as “mistakes” just like the other four or five times they happened, but not to worry as she “learned from it” and it “made her who she is today”. The listing of rationalisations will only grow comprehensively as continues riding the cock carousel throughout the years. You can bet the very “lucky” guy at the end of all this will feel rather privileged defiling her, after the two dozen or so guys before him when she was younger, tighter, and hotter but don’t worry, champ, she was merely “discovering herself” and you’re getting the finished product of all that “discovery” since you are “The one”,  right!?

Although I doubt that this part of the world will remain free from the toxic culture from the Western World forever, thanks to an increasingly globalised world of today. It’s still a pleasant escape from a late-stage terminally declining society.

Some novice readers of my writings are horrified when they stumble upon my work. They deliberate that it is some fictional joke or just rage filled ramblings of an “insane” individual that has had mostly hurtful experiences with particular people. No. While I’ve had my delights and troubles just like any other individual possessing experience in a certain area of life, on the greater spectrum, most of the familiarities and experiences in my life have been and continue to be memorable elations. My “insanity” is the vibrant realisation which comes with thinking for myself, and not perfunctorily accepting what society expects us all to believe. Until you question things and consider things for yourself, you’re merely a product of other people’s thoughts, beliefs and expectations. How original you are.

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