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An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

When a individuals are aware of choices in the sexual marketplace, they will expect more from less effort.

Choice can facilitate an environment which brings out the worst in people. When you are an average girl within the anglosphere you will be inundated with choice when it comes to the rubric of men. Choice acts as the enabler to create a girl who has an inflated ego, gets overweight, sluts it up, cockblocks, and loses her femininity. When you can do all these things and still have many options remaining, you will not feel the need to behave in a manner which aligns with a traditional gender role. Why? because your actions won’t be penalised by the environment which you exist within.

Think about it, which countries product the most ego-centric, masculine women with mile-long sexual histories? America, Canada, Scandinavia, basically anywhere where Feminism is prevalent with a push towards elimination of the natural gender role. Remove boundaries and consequences and people will behave in a manner which is most unpleasant. It’s almost as if governments remove laws, in effect people will commit crime indiscriminately.

Take a girl from Ukraine and drop her in America for a year. I guarantee that after this period expires, she will not be the same. The party of having unlimited choice will change her. She will become self-entitled. She will see herself as a mini-celebrity with the constant attention from hungry western men and more than likely she will slut it up since there’s minimal consequences in a place like America. But don’t worry, she’ll rationalise this all away. In her homeland her choices will have drawbacks and follow-on effects. In the US, she can do so much more without social consequences, that ultimately her personal belief and moral system will change in time. Ultimately though, there are always consequences in the long-run with such a damaged mind-set.

Feminism really is poison, because it’s a means for removing traditional gender roles while increasing choice for women. In fact, if there was a perfect combination for destroying women, eliminating the traditional family unit, and lowering fertility rates, feminism would be like a magic pill.

Technology is another factor which increases choice. A girl will obtain validation from technology far beyond what she will ever attain in real life. Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter selfies, she will feel like a celebrity, with all the “Likes” and comments evidencing her immense beauty which may or may not be closer to average on an objective scale. So what does this do? It bolsters her ego far beyond what her looks deserve. Couple this with desperate Western Men with no standards and you have created a monster. In fact, these social media outlets combined with the smartphone, are the two most astounding male screening tools to ever be created, giving even sub-par to average girls more male attention than what female celebrities received a generation ago.

The grouping of female choice and natural gender roles construct the women of a society. High dating choice with a non-existence of traditional gender roles will produce a male hell where women stop acting like women, as for example, the Western World. Lower choices, and existence of traditional gender roles will facilitate an environment which produces a far more desirable environment, such as Eastern Europe.

When you meet a girl who values her “freedom” and brings up “gender equality”, “double standards” and “misogyny” these are key words that you’re dealing with a carousel rider whose swallowed much more than just food, you’re dealing with a slore who would make for a horrible partner. Proceed with the correct intent.

The Western Infection


Whilst I was overseas I noticed a common trend, a trend amongst women who lived in the Western World in comparison to those that have never left Eastern Europe. It was somewhat eye opening.

Recently I met a girl who lived in America for two years. It was so obvious within minutes of conversation that she definitely had spent time within a Western environment for an extended period of time. The constant “attention whore” attitude, attempts at humour and urge to prove herself gave it all away. There was no surprise when she told me that she had lived in New York for two years.

After spending time with many of these Eastern European women whilst overseas and the most common occurrence amongst the coldest ones were their exposure to Western Culture. The western culture seriously destroys a woman’s feminine allure. They will begin to insult men in their efforts at flirting. They will do everything imaginable to withhold interest taking the “play hard to get” commonality to a heartless extreme. They will persistently debate with a man over the most banal and useless subjects ever.  She will become lazy about her appearance and dress sloppy. She will boast about her accomplishments, sexual history and lifestyle with masculine pride. She will be preoccupied with her iPhone, using it obsessively and using it as a substitute for social interaction, updating her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter whilst also engaging in a conversation with you.

Western culture is a like an infection on the beings with XX Chromosomes. Stepping foot inside the borders of the Anglosphere for more than three months will cause the female victim to become infected with the Western virus.

To the men, most likely you are stuck with a glorified Fast Food menu, which is exactly what Western women have become: unhealthy mass-produced items that you consume only when you’re trashed and nothing better is available. Quality matters.


Man Up, Already!

manup logolr

So many older women who have ridden the carousel say it. You might wonder why…

Women will increasingly want you to “man up” as her Sexual Market Options begin to dwindle.

Hot, young girls at their prime could not care less if you “Man up” or not, since she can replace you quite easily. Whereas a mid-30s spinster-to-be will be urging you to grow up and put in a ring on that as she is past her prime and has the harsh reality of a sexual market value that is on free-fall.

All throughout her 20s she will be perpetually cock hopping and dismissing it as “harmless fun”, but all parties eventually wind down and finish. Instead of improving her traits, qualities as a woman throughout her peak physical years, she will be gaining an ego supplicated with desperate men trying to get with her. This will mean her self-perceive value will be substantially higher than what it really is. When she hits 30, its visible she’s aging, guys don’t put in as much effort as they used to, lower quality guys will hit on her, the attention she so much craves just isn’t there anymore. Guys that get with her these days only pump an dump her and then date younger girls.  But no, she won’t blame herself for it. She will blame the men of today for being such immature boys who never grow up.

She won’t ever admit to being past it despite being in her 30s now, as the experiences in her 20s are what “shaped” her now, made her a “better person” and she “learnt from those mistakes”. She is now more refined, more travelled, more bright, more cultured, and a lot more deluded. The commitment ship has sailed, now all that she has are her cats.

So next time you hear the phrase “Man Up” realise what it really mean. It means for you to admit that she was a cock hopper in her peak years. It means to forget her past, her faults, and the prospects she rejected. Society will expect you to man up, to pay your taxes, put a ring on that damaged woman and contribute positively to civilisation.

So you wonder why guys that don’t do this cop so much hatred. Because they went against the grain, they thought for themselves. People are petrified by the fact that they may be doing the wrong thing.

When you have invested so much into the socially expected life path that would be considered safe and desirable, anything that contradicts that life path is going to question the validity of people’s life choices. It stings them even more when the person rejecting that lifestyle is showing signs of significant success or happiness. The lovable loser attracts their pity, but the successful bachelor attracts their envy even when if there is no need to be envious. The former validates their life decisions, the latter questions it and forces them to evaluate their decisions a little more closely, which is incredibly uncomfortable for many people. Those who are most doubtful of the decisions they have made very often tend to be the most scornful. Likewise, those who take a great deal of social validation from their conformity also tend to be vocal in their criticism.