The Western Infection


Whilst I was overseas I noticed a common trend, a trend amongst women who lived in the Western World in comparison to those that have never left Eastern Europe. It was somewhat eye opening.

Recently I met a girl who lived in America for two years. It was so obvious within minutes of conversation that she definitely had spent time within a Western environment for an extended period of time. The constant “attention whore” attitude, attempts at humour and urge to prove herself gave it all away. There was no surprise when she told me that she had lived in New York for two years.

After spending time with many of these Eastern European women whilst overseas and the most common occurrence amongst the coldest ones were their exposure to Western Culture. The western culture seriously destroys a woman’s feminine allure. They will begin to insult men in their efforts at flirting. They will do everything imaginable to withhold interest taking the “play hard to get” commonality to a heartless extreme. They will persistently debate with a man over the most banal and useless subjects ever.  She will become lazy about her appearance and dress sloppy. She will boast about her accomplishments, sexual history and lifestyle with masculine pride. She will be preoccupied with her iPhone, using it obsessively and using it as a substitute for social interaction, updating her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter whilst also engaging in a conversation with you.

Western culture is a like an infection on the beings with XX Chromosomes. Stepping foot inside the borders of the Anglosphere for more than three months will cause the female victim to become infected with the Western virus.

To the men, most likely you are stuck with a glorified Fast Food menu, which is exactly what Western women have become: unhealthy mass-produced items that you consume only when you’re trashed and nothing better is available. Quality matters.


15 thoughts on “The Western Infection

  1. Insider says:

    Take a girl from ANY non-western culture, drop her in America for 6 months, watch the effects. It’s not pretty.

  2. Thommo says:

    yeah but u get easy sluts to fuck here.

  3. anon says:

    Coming from a non-western background, the idea of sex after the third date (which I got from movies) intimidated me. All I could think was, “How would I know if that guy has STDs from only meeting him 3 times?!” Naively, I thought that if I didn’t conformed to this Western dating culture, I’ll end up single forever with 27 cats because no man will continue to pursue me. I was 19, I decided I had time to wait and be true to myself. Eventually (a year later), I did find someone who wasn’t put off by waiting and I knew he was a keeper. #gettingmarriedin2months #notabridezilla

    ps. Bad news is I’m an Instagram addict and a recovering Facebook addict.

  4. amy says:

    Mean but its making sense

  5. Thommo says:

    Hypergamy is a lady-killer.

  6. PG says:

    ME ME ME culture

  7. Jezza says:

    brb instagramming my brekkie

  8. Le Paige says:


  9. Jacob says:

    social media has turned your girl next door to a celebrity.. well thats what she thinks

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