An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

When a individuals are aware of choices in the sexual marketplace, they will expect more from less effort.

Choice can facilitate an environment which brings out the worst in people. When you are an average girl within the anglosphere you will be inundated with choice when it comes to the rubric of men. Choice acts as the enabler to create a girl who has an inflated ego, gets overweight, sluts it up, cockblocks, and loses her femininity. When you can do all these things and still have many options remaining, you will not feel the need to behave in a manner which aligns with a traditional gender role. Why? because your actions won’t be penalised by the environment which you exist within.

Think about it, which countries product the most ego-centric, masculine women with mile-long sexual histories? America, Canada, Scandinavia, basically anywhere where Feminism is prevalent with a push towards elimination of the natural gender role. Remove boundaries and consequences and people will behave in a manner which is most unpleasant. It’s almost as if governments remove laws, in effect people will commit crime indiscriminately.

Take a girl from Ukraine and drop her in America for a year. I guarantee that after this period expires, she will not be the same. The party of having unlimited choice will change her. She will become self-entitled. She will see herself as a mini-celebrity with the constant attention from hungry western men and more than likely she will slut it up since there’s minimal consequences in a place like America. But don’t worry, she’ll rationalise this all away. In her homeland her choices will have drawbacks and follow-on effects. In the US, she can do so much more without social consequences, that ultimately her personal belief and moral system will change in time. Ultimately though, there are always consequences in the long-run with such a damaged mind-set.

Feminism really is poison, because it’s a means for removing traditional gender roles while increasing choice for women. In fact, if there was a perfect combination for destroying women, eliminating the traditional family unit, and lowering fertility rates, feminism would be like a magic pill.

Technology is another factor which increases choice. A girl will obtain validation from technology far beyond what she will ever attain in real life. Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter selfies, she will feel like a celebrity, with all the “Likes” and comments evidencing her immense beauty which may or may not be closer to average on an objective scale. So what does this do? It bolsters her ego far beyond what her looks deserve. Couple this with desperate Western Men with no standards and you have created a monster. In fact, these social media outlets combined with the smartphone, are the two most astounding male screening tools to ever be created, giving even sub-par to average girls more male attention than what female celebrities received a generation ago.

The grouping of female choice and natural gender roles construct the women of a society. High dating choice with a non-existence of traditional gender roles will produce a male hell where women stop acting like women, as for example, the Western World. Lower choices, and existence of traditional gender roles will facilitate an environment which produces a far more desirable environment, such as Eastern Europe.

When you meet a girl who values her “freedom” and brings up “gender equality”, “double standards” and “misogyny” these are key words that you’re dealing with a carousel rider whose swallowed much more than just food, you’re dealing with a slore who would make for a horrible partner. Proceed with the correct intent.

17 thoughts on “Choice

  1. Jayden says:

    Choice really gives women too much entitlement. Sucks that the culture here allows this

  2. PG says:

    Hypergamy is unchained

  3. Garfield says:

    Choice creates instability in both Men and Women, it’s how people respond to the choice, its wired within us as humans to do this.

  4. A female who has CHOSEN to read this says:

    Are you being serious? Please tell me this page is some kind of sick joke or a poorly misplaced attempt at irony.

  5. Can't believe some people... says:

    Wow. Because god forbid women be allowed to have the choices to experience and indulge their sexuality LIKE MEN ARE or act in a non-stereotypically feminine way. Wouldn’t equality suck? You’d actually have to treat us women like valued, equal citizens. I would go on, but you’ll just label me a slut or an attention whore, or tell me i need to be educated. You sir, are a true jackass.

  6. 43 99 says:

    some femsluts put this post up on some feminist blog, expect hate

  7. HTD says:

    hahah i can imagine how mad femsluts are at this

  8. Chrissy says:

    dont worry, in their 30s and 40s women are invisible to men. what goes around comes around bitchez

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