Daily Archives: July 14, 2013

Bitter with age


Why do individuals roughen as they age? Why do they develop bitterness and end up jaded? The guileless answer is to evade pain. By developing a firm shell, a human being can dodge undergoing the equivalent discomfort they have felt in the past.

Imagine that a girl falls in love with the common asshole jock in high school or early university. She puts out straight away as per his demands, thoughtful that he liked her. Afterwards she contacts him to deliver the message of the amazing time they had together. He doesn’t respond, and ignores her when they see each other in public. The next time she has a great time with a man, she will be cautious to praise him or express her appreciation. She’ll pretend that she is not too interested in him.

Reverse the roles, imagine a guy meets what he considers a “quality girl”. They go to a bar and have a great conversation which just “clicks”. She ends up being a huge skank that usually puts out on the first night but leads him on for months and disappears randomly. From this point onwards, he considers all bar girls to be huge sluts.

Denunciations in dating cause both men and women to alter. They start to suppress demonstrations of feelings, compassion, or interest. This is especially severe in women, who are more emotional by nature. You can always contend that a man withholding emotions is just a manly trait. A man’s surviving mechanism to rejection sources him to be more masculine, but a woman’s coping mechanism to rejection also causes her to be more masculine, a mannerism that drops her capability to make men happy. This can lead to other negative characteristics, such as distrusting men, less willing to put in work into any relationship or defying her emotions and restraining them around men.

What women don’t comprehend is that by attempting to escape any potential pain, they also eradicate the pleasure that impedes that pain, those constructive feelings that are part of any budding love affair.

While men don’t escape this phenomenon as well, it’s to a lesser degree. Women grown in the wild go from being 100% sensual to 10% sensual after five years of Western-style carousel riding. Men go from being 30% sensual to 10%. In essence, men are losing a small portion to what women are.

I often notice this in girls I meet. Their demeanour reflects so much more than whatever words they can muster up to provide explanations with. You can be a mute and still understand how much of an emotional burden a girl has been through by being in her presence for a few hours. Quite frankly, a girl whose been through the emotional loads and has an extended sexual history is often going to lack the warmth that you would encounter in a girl with less history.
Think about this, the most sluttiest girls you know, have you ever genuinely seen them happy with someone their with? It’s less likely. Why? Because you’ll always hear them complain about how “all men are just pigs”, how  “All they want is sex” or about her latest STI/Pregnancy scare or how slept with another person who she wasn’t supposed to. The loose girl, being the enabler of this culture doesn’t exactly do herself any favours by spreading her legs quickly over and over and failing to learn from her mistakes. It’s little wonder why girls who have cock hopped get such little contrition from men, they let this happen to themselves, and it’s nobody’s duty to rescue them.

It’s sad as a lot of these carousel ridden girls, will need a provider to rescue them in the end, and the only guys that will do so are the ones that fail to identify that she was a perpetual cock hopper all throughout her best years (Her 20’s). They’ll fail to realise that all they are receiving are the left overs after a myriad of men have had their way with her. All that’s left of her is the cynical pump and dump memories and a last few desperate attempts to avoid spinsterhood. Don’t be that guy.