Daily Archives: July 21, 2013

“You’re so Superficial!”


It’s great to hear women shame men for valuing beauty as a key component in a partner.

Sure, the beauty facet of someone is definitely a consideration, it always will be as long as humans have eyes. We are all superficial to an extent despite not wanting to admit to it. That’s our most rudimentary nature. The way things look will always matter. It matters in everything. Where we live, where we eat, places we visit. How all these things look are taken into consideration when making choices. So why are we shamed for applying this same principle in potential partners?

Ugly and fat defenders will try to humiliate you for having aesthetic standards that accommodate their unpleasant aesthetic, but these same shamers buy iPhones and Mac Book Air’s for its aesthetic appeal. They use Instagram to take photos of cute animals, scenery and food. Why? All because they are beautiful.  Furthermore, they will buy shoes that match their outfit, lipstick that stands out and dye their hair to seem more appealing. They value aesthetic as much as you do, but simply want to be prohibited for this to apply to them due to the minimal value displayed by their complete lack of it.

How often do you hear women being called “Superficial” by men for calling a guy “Hot!” or noticing an expensive car, not too often.

The feminist imperative in the modern era seems to be fighting for women to look as horrendous and also ride an avalanche of cock as they want without judgement.

You might ask me, “But… what’s wrong with skanks? That’s more easy bangs!”

The problem is that women’s natural state’s are not made for slutdom. Biologically, women release oxytocin when having sex, known as the “Love Hormone”. This is also released during childbirth and acts as a bond between mother and child. The bonds breaking over and over from a slutty girl jumping from cock to cock will mean she won’t ever be able to make the same deep connection with someone as she once could’ve. It’s little wonder why women that have been railed by a couple dozen guys are seen as so unattractive for anything more than easy Smash and Dash.

Of course, a girl will never admit to this (Do they ever?), but the subconscious damage which occurs to her state won’t change whether she admits it or not. Her actions and demeaour will always speak much louder than her words.  The difference between a carousel ridden chick and an innocent one is easily noticeable.

So as a man it’s ok to be shamed for having standards, and also ok to be disgraced for considering a girls sexual past, but not ok when these roles are reversed and applied to women. That is equality in a feminist world.