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“I just want a nice guy”


“I just want a nice guy”

Have you ever heard that before? If you have then you’re probably hearing it from a girl that’s done the rounds and played musical man chairs throughout her peak years. Her raging hypergamous instincts lead her to the bad boys that discard her like used trash the moment they get bored yet she’ll continue chasing those same “douchebags”. During that same period, she’ll shame, shun and mock these “nice guys” who were always around and willing to commit.

After she’s ridden a few dozen cocks, been discarded countless times, and lost her looks, only then she’ll be looking for that “nice guy”. Don’t be that “nice guy” to a slore that’s made the wrong choices, don’t be the white knight that rescues that “crazy” girl. You are eating someone else’s cold leftovers, then doing their dishes. You are receiving the emotional residue for other peoples problems. You are paying full price for damaged goods. Your time, commitment and efforts are being wasted on an individual that displayed hypergamous arrogance. Don’t save her from the consequences, it’s not your duty.

As the biological clock ticks for a woman you’ll see the desperation begin to creep in, she’ll start giving these “Nice guys” who she shamed and shunned years ago, a chance. She’ll need someone to rescue her to avoid spinsterhood. Don’t be the fool that devotes his commitment to a carousel-ridden slore that’s “had her fun” and is “now looking for something serious”. If a woman wastes her best years on getting slayed by randoms and “douchebags” it’s not your job to rescue her from the consequences of her actions.

Think about this, if a women gives her best ten years to randoms who give her no effort, then why should you be with her in her worst thirty years?

Every woman is a slave to her biology. Remember that.