Daily Archives: September 8, 2013

Women: Queens of Rationalisation

Women use thought processes to turn poor behaviour and bad decisions into acceptable ones which were “the right thing to do at the time” for herself.

How often do you hear a women contemplate a poor decision that she had made and then inevitably find a way to remove all guilt and responsibility for it? This is something they are amazingly competent at doing.

Here’s some examples:

A girl gets drunk with her friends, bangs some stranger from a club and then feels guilt from her action.

Never fear the rationalisation hamster is here! 

“I was drunk, he took advantage of me, it wasn’t my fault!”

Result: It’s not her fault, no guilt.

A girl knows a dude is married, does him anyway.

Never fear the rationalisation hamster is here yet again!

“He was so charming, he lead me on, seduced me, not my fault!”

Result: It was his fault, he did this to me! I was only following my heart. Not my fault.

A girl has a boyfriend, goes on holidays, becomes a slam piece for an avalanche of men

More rationalisation!

“My boyfriend wasn’t meeting my needs, plus I was on holidays so it doesn’t count!”

Result: Again, the wrong doing is not her fault, all guilt has been absolved.

GIrls will cheat and then blame their men on “not giving them enough attention” or “not meeting their needs” they will protest how “It just happened” but never will they say “Oh It was my fault, I screwed up”.

Women will always do this as it will absolve themselves of any guilt or accountability for what they are doing. This is how women think. They are passive, empty shells to their core. They will commit the most abhorrent and reprehensible acts and then attempt to foster an environment where they are not “judged” for their action cause she was merely “following her heart” or “acting on love”. They will never take responsibility and will fail to accept that actions have consequences. Instead, hey will write garbage in their diaries about the incidents framing themselves as a victim, but then as the situation arises again, they’ll more likely than not do it all over again, even after they say they have “Changed” or “Learnt from their mistakes”.

Know this, exploit this, and use these feminine flaws to your advantage.