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Bitter Hate


I rarely ever take a hate filled comment on this blog seriously. Why? Because a lot of the people who will read this still fall under the mainstream rubric of individuals that harvest mainstream delusions about the true nature of the so called “fairer sex”.

The bulk of the individuals that read this are rarely in a position to witness the worst of what female sexual nature can produce. I could easily write about the best things but what’s the point in that since every mainstream outlet will provide countless examples of that.

A large proportion of the population believe what society wants them to believe, they never question it, and they eat up the garbage that’s fed to them. They watch their romantic-comedies at the cinemas and uphold that incandescent ideal as a reality. They read magazines which push forward the feminine imperative. They see what women are like from afar, and use their imagination from the media to fill in the gaps.  The pure assumptions about females continue to last throughout their formative years whereby they fail to see up close what the raw deal is with females.

These individuals continue to believe the squid ink that complimenting and cuddling women will get them their true desires. They are used as emotional tampons and validation. They are fed with polite chatter and fake compliments. Unfortunately, these individuals fail to see the condescending demeanour behind these so-called “compliments”. They never hear much about the private lives of females, or what really happens behind closed doors.

Many of these individuals that read what I write are providers, they are evaluated by women based on how they can be used to benefit her. They are of a second tier, the back-up option, the contingency plan.

The lack of experience these individuals possess cultivate them into beings that fail to read the real signs from women. They fail to accept the reality that her words mean nothing and her actions mean everything. They eventually settle for Plain Jane women that have ridden the carousel in their prime years and need a provider for that post-nubile rush to settle.

They play second fiddle in their relationships and get worked to the bone. They are often the weaker one, their lack of options mean that their partners mean more to them than vice versa.

Having a crimpled worldview on modern realities by living life through a peephole and not experiencing its full effects leaves individuals doubting what they read and hear from people with broader experiences. They will protest against what they read as they haven’t experienced themselves, they’ll have the time to re-iterate their incomplete views on comments in my blog without having any real-life exposure to what I write.

You can hate everything I write, call me a misogynist, a cynic and rage about it all but ultimately your lack of experience, and exposure is more likely than not the reason behind such bitter hate.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees the world for what it is, they only base their views on what is told to them without experiencing it themselves. The ugly truths aren’t for everyone to know. Continue living the lies.

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