Pitfalls of a negative environment


It’s astounding how random life is. A portion of me has little to do with the “real” me.  It’s just the by-product of the environment that I find myself and people that cross my path.

The environment you are in is very important. Place yourself in a toxic environment and watch yourself decay into meaningless oblivion, exist in a positive environment and embrace the flourish of optimism. Imagine you live in a modern Western Country such as the United States in current times, a country that’s culture is dehumanising, emasculating, and de-feminising, imagine the effects it would have on you.You simply cannot un-live your experiences, especially when there is just so much of it.

Let’s think what living in the US would do to a young European girl..

– She will undoubtedly become more lazy in her appearance and gain weight.

– Her personality will become more masculine and she will be willing to debate everything.

– She will become a status whore concerned more about your job title than your personality.

– She will become a social media addict, fuelled by being glued to her smartphone.

– The constant attention from hordes of American men will lead to her riding the cock carousel.

– As a result of the cock carousel rides, she will begin to lose her ability to please a man.

People forget that their actions have consequences, their choices have longer term influences.

How would the same move affect a man from Europe?

– He will be shamed by society for not liking overweight, unfriendly and masculine women of America.

– His natural masculinity will be toned down with the feminised expectation of men in the US.

– He will initially be shocked at how easily American women spread their legs for random men.

– He will be unlikely to put in effort for low quality, carousel-ridden “women”, adjusting himself to pump and dump them.

– He will hold back from natural male chivalry due to Feminist Imperatives of so called “equality”

In both circumstances there are changes, there is no denying that the environment you find yourself within will undoubtedly have its effect on you whether you wish to resist it or not. Be careful where you find yourself.

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10 thoughts on “Pitfalls of a negative environment

  1. Gamma says:

    It’s sad you say this but its definitely true, we as humans are only adapting to whats around us. Nobody can fail to conform to what is around them ultimately.

  2. AMSy says:

    Move somewhere fun instead

  3. Theodore says:

    It’s partially internal too

  4. Biebz says:

    Culture is everything, the same person down the street will be a different person in a different cultural environment, remember that.

  5. Agata says:

    move to north korea then!

  6. Hill B says:

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  7. Altx says:

    You need to leave Melbourne, bad.

  8. Poli says:

    Cynical to the bone, I like it.

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