The ideal world for Feminists


I see fiercely masculine, overweight and ugly women protest hard about the feminist imperative. Often, we are so taken back by their horrid visuals that we forget what they are really fighting for.

This is what heaven looks like for a man-hating Feminist:

Higher Pay
No, not equal pay, higher pay. Merit-based pay will be a thing of the past, feminists want women to have higher pay just for being born a female. They will justify this as retribution for the pain and suffering women have had to endure while being so oppressed by men for so long.

Removal of Slut shaming
We’ve already seen useless protests for this. Feminists want to allow women to ride the cock carousel all throughout their best years while they are at their peak in beauty and virility and then once they’ve hit the wall, aged, and been used as a jizz receptacle by mountains of men, they want to be treated like they were 21 again, no baggage, no delusion, just perfection. The west has already adopted this, but I do foresee a lot of lonely middle aged women collecting cats in the future.

Extreme Sexual Harassment Laws
Feminists will want men to be punished severely for the most menial feeling of discomfort brought upon them. We’ve already seen this. I suspect, a feminist law will be to punish men who stare at them for more than 5 seconds, because they will see it as “creepy” oh and this law won’t apply to men they want to spread their legs for.

The change in the meaning of “Rape”
Rape will be re-defined for feminists. Consensual sex which occurs between a male and a female but leaves a female with guilt the next morning will be defined as “rape”. The punishment will be either life in prison or the death penalty. Feminists will finally be pleased now, especially if they have banged out some random and then felt like a worthless hole that had a few random fucks dumped into her.

Further funding from Government
A feminist will want “necessities” such as abortions and The Pill fully subsidised by the government. Because raw dogging randoms is empowering, and women should be enjoying this empowerment for free!

Ban on Porn
Men should not be allowed to watch women engage in sex and obtain pleasure from it. Because.. that degrades women! Feminists cannot stand for this.

Immigration laws tightened
Ahh, yes, you’re living in a destroyed Western Civilization that is edging closer to its death, you wonder if there’s places in the world where, young, attractive, feminine women still exist. Well now, you will not be able to EVER have a foreign bride. Because, Western Women are worth it!

Ban on female models less than 80kg
Feminists want women to be shown as REAL, CURVY and EMPOWERED. Slender, beach body girls just do not do this. Feminists will have your favourite mag’s converted into LandWhaleLand.
That was only a few of the beautiful laws that could be brought into place if Feminists had their way. Who knows, in 10 years this could all be considered normal.


18 thoughts on “The ideal world for Feminists

  1. Orc says:

    Mate, you summed that up beautifully. Hilarious read.

  2. Chucky N says:

    Slut shaming begins and ends with women.

  3. cr3 says:

    Great satire, the red pill section love you for this

  4. George Orwell says:

    Very 1984-like

  5. Gay Hell says:

    Thats a scary prospect reading that

  6. Altx says:

    I’m glad this is just satire

  7. Kiwi says:

    What is your problem? Are you scared of your white cishet male privilige disappearing? People like you are literally the exact reason we need feminism.

    • BIlal says:

      Haha yes, because all the above really are fulfilling the core concept of “equality”. That is what Feminism proposes, is it not?

  8. Aaron DavAd says:

    I </3 Feminism

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