Daily Archives: December 15, 2013

Money, Power, Hypergamy!


There is little disagreement that modern women have been given economic empowerment and social freedom compared to their counterparts in past eras.

But are they really any happier?

The traditional gender roles allowed women to remain feminine, submit themselves to a more powerful and higher status man who would take care of her and love her. These days women ride the cock carousel, become masculine and dedicate exceedingly to their paper pushing job. Women have been duped by feminism to think they can “have it all” and men are the enemies, not the allies.

The culture of the western world has allowed women to become fat, ugly, overly-tatted skanks and remove any shame or guilt for doing so. The modern environment has allowed women to fuck upwards in SMV with ease and become shameless in her sluttery. If it isn’t Feminism that saves the modern western women, it’s the government to the rescue or a horde of white knights. Women slowly begin to believe they really are special angels capable of doing no wrong.

Go on, do a social experiment, go on POF and make a profile with a male model’s photo, you’ll see a ton of fat cows messaging you for sex. They don’t know where they stand on the looks scale, despite being a 3 they think being female is all they need to net a male of much higher value. It’s easy to see that Hypergamy rages without any containment in modern times. When women have almost unlimited mating choices and become mini-celebrities because of the attention they receive on their smartphones, you can imagine how evolved their ego’s have become.

The constant push for gender equality has resulted in modern women becoming so unbearable, that any man with options will only see them as a outlet for a few bangs before moving on to someone else. There is almost no reason to stay, they make themselves so easy to defile and are so unpleasant to spend time with, who would want to anyway?

There is a pitfall amongst all this, women will fuck upwards in SMV as long as they can, but as they age and their reproductive clocks wind down, and looks fade, they will obtain less attention from males, they will still try to fuck upwards but slowly, men won’t take this used skank seriously. Her mindset will be altered that she won’t settle for an “average” guy (ie. someone of a similar Sexual Market Value)  since she’s been getting railed by so many higher value men her whole life, so instead, she will choose cats rather than a family. The family unit of past era’s will not be replicated, Feminism, Technology, and Social changes will lead to a generation of cat-obsessed middle aged women who will jump on the feminism bandwagon and try to convince themselves they are artificially “empowered” and “happy”.

Women, they fought for Money, Power & Empowerment. After getting all that, they thanked society by becoming the worst they can be.