The loss of femininity


Femininity attracts masculinity, and vice-versa, it is a core proponent in our biology, like how Ying goes with Yang.

For centuries this inter-gender dynamic was present creating strong reproductive bloodlines and a healthy family unit. Gender roles were firm.

Picture this, a loving attractive, feminine wife, who works to keep herself attractive for her man, takes care of domestic duties, children and if needed can work. In return for this, her husband commits to her, provides resources, protection and they share a deep mutual love and respect for one another.

This dynamic however has been upset, in the modern era, the social environment has brainwashed females to believe that this dynamic is “oppressive” and that women’s roles can be redefined to be similar to men’s. Instead, that above picture would now change to something like this, an overweight, snide wife who works a paper pushing job, sleeping with her boss, showing little respect for her husband and expecting him to work harder than her or be denied sex and eventually face a divorce. After this, it’s a single mother raising damaged kids. Leading to a perpetual cycle of discontent. You might think this is unrealistic but it’s a lot closer to the truth than what you think.

The modern western culture has upset the fundamental premise which had been present for centuries. The women have been given economic empowerment, freedom and rights far greater than what was given to them in previous generations. But are they are they any happier? It almost appears that all this extra liberation has lead them to believe that they can do it all themselves, as if a man’s role is redundant in their lives, aside from sperm donors and tax payers. Nature is powerful thing, and losing is guaranteed once you go against it.

Traditional gender roles are best exemplified in societies where the man provides while the woman takes care of the home. A woman submits to a man’s power and status, as dictated by nature Traditional gender roles keep women pretty, free from masculinisation, and sluttery that is widespread in Western society today. Although that is the most extreme example, it reveals the societal changes in our culture to the furthermost extent.

Men have adapted themselves to such a low quality market, keeping their options open, utilising these so called “women” for carnal pleasures and providing not an ounce of effort or commitment. Yet, once the age limit of cock hopping is reached, these spinsters begin to complain. Remember: Actions have consequences.

11 thoughts on “The loss of femininity

  1. Alexander says:

    I swear I thought she was hitler

  2. Hillary says:

    Russia still has femininity, if you visit that country you will see what a traditional gender role is. It is crazy

  3. kerri says:

    I cannot fathom an attractive girl with many dating choices jumping on the feminism bandwagon. Its usually the women that fail in their dating and are rejected by society that continue this bs

  4. Katey T says:

    How to become a masculine undesirable feminist

    1. Cut hair short
    2. Behave bitchy
    3. Mock men
    4. jump on the feminist bangwagon

  5. dumb says:

    this is so incredibly dumb

  6. Kandy Kaine says:

    haha, pretty full on but I won’t deny any of this.

  7. […] free from the corruption of feminism and modern societal trends. Possessing clear goals, being feminine, smart, looking attractive and not being carousel ridden – how often are all those qualities ever […]

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