The world is against you


People don’t want you to succeed, they would rather you fail. Your success is other peoples failure. It demonstrates to them their lack of motivation, poor work ethic and overall lack of direction. When you fail, it validates them, makes them feel adequate. This is reality, there will be minor generic words of advice but nothing to really assist you, as they would rather have you stay in a current state rather than brim with motivation and achieve something they couldn’t. Not many people can accept to see someone rise at a superior speed than themselves. Let them stay in their comfort zones and merely exist.

What’s the point of telling people your goals, your true desires, your real motives? Chances are they will give you useless, and generic advice or they will talk you out of it and back into a plugged-in boring existence much like what they experience. Why even bother convincing them of what you believe? Of the ugly truths? They can’t accept the fact their their views are so flawed especially if they have been living with such a mindset for an extensive period of time, so what will they do instead? They will plant seeds of doubts that prevent you from action and seeing the truth. The minute you go just slightly higher than you have been, they will hinder your progress and sabotage you.

There will always be detractors, forget them, ignore them. Don’t bother even acknowledging them.

You’re on your own, without assistance from anyone. If you fail to achieve a goal without having your hand held and getting constant validation, then you never deserved to achieve that goal in the first place. If everything was so easy then what accomplishment is there in achieving anything?

The world is against you, and it won’t give you a chance.

9 thoughts on “The world is against you

  1. Gailz says:

    THey are out To get YOUUUU!

  2. Jess Heilzcharek says:


  3. Emma Ernreight says:

    you will be a big buly

  4. Smack2Man says:

    fucken oath this is some well thawt of shit.
    I hate fucken faggets that go against what I want, stand the fuck back or else get steamrolled if your’e against me pricks!

  5. Eminemeee says:

    write more funny shit!

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