You try too hard


I was overhearing some herbs in an airport, they were discussing their strategy on how to get with girls they both desired. They demonstrated how flakey and dismissive each girl was through a range of stories.  It was rather analytical and I did sense a very needy vibe from both. I was almost certain they wouldn’t succeed.

Why is that?

Think about this, would the girls they are trying so hard on doing the same thing? Are they asking their friends for advice or how to get these guys to care more? Or to rock up to everything they want them to?

Hell no!

Even though these girls weren’t treating them well, both of these herbs were chasing with everything they had.

Listen in to conversations girls have with their friends, you will hear them talk about guys that are flakes. Guys that put in the minimum amount of work. The ones that randomly get “busy” and cancel on them. The ones that bang the girl and then make an excuse to leave within minutes.

You think these guys are stressing over the girl that they just defiled? Nope, they are already working on the next one. They have zero attachment, and with no attachment they  won’t do any needy things that the vast majority of the plugged in guys do.

These guys will probably not realise that there attempts are in vain. They don’t realise they won’t get anywhere by being the guy who plots and tries and talks about what to do next. Because when you begin to try, it is the moment you care, and the moment you care is the moment she has you.

10 thoughts on “You try too hard

  1. success says:

    Trying is achieving, achieving is great.

  2. Who knows says:

    The care-free asshole gets the girl, the try hard loser gets nothing

  3. Candice says:

    You’re trying to make guys assholes, why cant you men just be humble and caring? is this what the modern man has come to? You are pathetic.

  4. Noah says:

    People get confused about this, because we conflate “caring” with worrying. With trying to GET something from a girl. But the truth is, you can care very much about a girl you haven’t even slept with, before you actually do. The error those guys were making was worrying too much about a particular girl, and coming from a position of take, take, take instead of give.
    Xing, you have an email address I could reach you at?

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