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Male SMV

Ah, infograms. One of the great ways to visualise lots of information in an easy-to-understand manner. I was reading through a blog post earlier this week and came across a key fundamental infogram. It comes something which I haven’t really gone into much depth on here. I’ve gone into detail over Female SMV, but this infogram describes the key components of Male SMV. (SMV meaning Sexual Market Value for those that didn’t know.



They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This above picture reveals many truths, hidden from the common stereotypical, plugged-in individual living a placid existence.

Snowflakes with Insecurities


The sad truth that placid beings can never fathom is that women are not special snowflakes in the uncertainties act as liabilities to them them. The vast majority of women mostly share the same self-doubts: “Am I skank?”, “Am I past it?”, “Am I fat?”, “Does he love me, for me?”

The goal, should you refuse to be sandbagged by impractical spasms of blame, is to make a woman’s anxieties your ally in the pursuit of closing the deal. You want to be able to find the gap in her and her self-esteem and confidence. The reason is fundamental: Women are hypergamous, they are biologically driven to date upwards. So a man can either increase his own standing to appeal to the girl he is attempting to lay, or he can lower the girl’s status so his position seems higher comparatively.

It’s no secret to any reader of this blog that women are the gatekeepers to sex, and men the gatekeepers to commitment. A few might ask, so what is the gate exactly for women? It’s her self-perceived status relative to yours. Or, her attractiveness. Quite simply, if a woman perceives she is more beautiful than the kind of woman you can be projected to snag, she will give you a harder time than she would to a higher value man who looked and acted like the sort of man used to dating women of her beauty calibre. Look at the aloof cads running through young, slim and tight girls, they don’t necessarily advertise their string of raunchy flings but once girls find out about the quality of them they subconsciously gain respect as they realise that the man’s SMV is high enough to regularly slam gorgeous beauties.

Men have one inherent playing field advantages in the sexual marketplace. One, men have a longer window of sexual appeal compared to women. The peak for women in the SMV aligns close to their physical peak and we all know how long that lasts. A typical mid-30s man has better prospects than a typical mid-30s woman.

With this knowledge, you can effortlessly progress your odds with any woman by faintly revealing her insecurities using the apparatuses of mental mindfucking. The trick is to evade undeviating attack on her soft underbelly. You don’t tell a girl “You have a muffin top exposed” No, you’ll need to be a bit more subtle about it

“I’m into keeping fit and looking good, so I appreciate women who are similar.”

Any woman with a small insecurity about being fat will take the bait.

A Worthy Girl


A recent e-mail from a reader asked me “What do you consider a worthy girl?”  I thought this question deserved a lengthy response.

A “worthy girl”, that means more than a pump and dump for me, which means for me to devote more than the marginal amount of my time and drive, and to feel somewhat comfortable in committing myself solely without worry that she might spread for some random guy who happens to find her in a vulnerable state and say the right things, especially on drunken night.

So what makes a worthy girl? First, let’s look at what doesn’t make a worthy girl.

–       Cheating: She has cheated numerous times in her past. She rationalises her cheating and feels little shame for it, blaming the man for her wrongdoing. “He didn’t meet my needs!”

–       Non-Committal: Dating around — which is seeing more than one person concurrently — is a bad sign. Any girl who makes a routine of dating multiple guys at a time, especially if the parallel dating lasts for a long period, in order to milk her options, is a bad seed. Put her in the pump and dump aisle, it never ends well.

–       Backstabbing: Regularly speaks lowly of people behind their backs, this is just a bad characteristic in general. Deceptive and conniving.

–       Lack of warmth: Her perfunctory mode is sarcasm, negativity, crudeness, and brazenness. These are all ok traits in men, but in women, no. Before you WOWJUSTWOW this, remember despite what brain-dead feminists tell you men and women are not alike, a muscular man is attractive, a muscular female is not.  Nice boobs on a chick are attractive, manboobs aren’t.

–       Impulse control: She can’t control her desire to flirt with other men, especially if it’s in front of you. Can you really feel comfortable with someone like this?

–       Respect: Spends more time getting ready for work than for a date with you. If she sees you in this light, then see her as nothing more than a warm hole, to dump some care free fucks into then move on to the next.

–       Lack of Shame: She doesn’t seem nervous undressing in front of you the first time. Think about how many other men she’s done the same for… don’t exert your effort on used and damaged goods.

–       Comfortable with the notion of casual sex: Again, as I’ve said however many times on this blog, women’s biology’s are not fully comfortable with casual sex, so if she is, then utilise her for that and that alone. You wouldn’t ever pay higher than the asking price for a house would you? So if a girl puts a low price on her vag, why outbid it?

A worthy girl doesn’t engage in the above, she often does the opposite. She doesn’t cheat, mislead or use men. She doesn’t feel the need to resort to sarcasm to express herself. She is positive, not negative and that positivity rubs off on you. She is warm, kind and understanding and this is something that cannot just be learnt. She says “I love you” regularly, and “Sorry” when she has stepped out of line. She understands that her heart is more significant than her pride.

Low quality skanks are great for random bangs, easy lays and funny pics to laugh at in the future, but that’s really it. They are basically like drive through food, quick, easy, satisfying for the short term but not something you’d be doing for the long term.

If you find a girl with the encouraging qualities that make her worthy, then you’ve found a worthy girl to devote yourself to, a girl whose worthy for supporting, sticking by, and loving wholeheartedly. The few worthy girls you’ll come across deserve your time, effort, resources, and most importantly your love.

A Dose of Reality: Tinderfessions


You know, a lot of myopic, plugged-in, delusional herbs will be quick to dismiss the ugly truths which I reveal on here. Ultimately their furtive dread is a smokescreen behind the truths, you see, most people will believe the mainstream and accept it for what it is without ever questioning it. They will dismiss anything that implies that their views are incorrect, it’s almost a defence mechanism to protect themselves as they know deep inside that uncovering the truths will reveal that they were puppets that blindly followed the mainstream.

White knights are often the biggest proponents of living a life of lies. Luckily, due to modern technology we are able to dispel some truth serum into their lives.

The Twitter feed, Tinderfessions, where users anonymously post their confessions from Tinder reveals a lot more about women and their nature than any relationship excerpt from a magazine ever would.  Men and women reveal all to the world through their anonymous submissions to Tinderfessions, you can play the part of the priest and listen to what really goes on.

Here’s some highlights:

If you bring up weed in one of your messages I will smoke you out and fuck the shit out of you. Lovin for the pot heads. – Amanda

Cause, you know, dinners, drinks, compliments and cuddles are how it’s done, isn’t it?

I’ll only swipe right if he looks like he has a big dick, no time for small ones. – Kayla

Personality is EVERYTHING!

Met the hottest first year at Brock off tinder. We talked for a week and now he won’t make eye contact.. – Irene

Hmm.. really? Sounds awfully similar to a pump and dump.

I’ve hooked up with more guys in this month than I did in 2013, – Kay

All women are angels, treat them like that, lovechop!

Took it up the butt 3 times in one day, I couldn’t sit right the next day – Riley

No hugs? No tender kisses? No 12 dates before sex?

I really thought I had done and heard it all via tinder, until the pregnant chick sent me a nudie – Hank

Yup, being pregnant is no excuse to not be a slampiece!

Matched up with a dime from NYC, after 2 weeks of texting I convinced her to make a road trip to NH. I pulverized her all weekend. – KB

Is this the same girl that says she never does casual sex, and only has sex when she’s in a relationship with someone she loves?

Been planning to hook up with two different guys… They’re best friends and they found out #oops#sorrynotsorry – Haylee

Yeah, keepin’ it in the friendship circle, all good!

Fucked her at her place and found a pic of her with her BF. Left a note under the toilet seat for him to find out he’s dating a skank. – Al

No way? NAWALT!

Fucked 3 out of the 6 guys I met on tinder, gave head to 5, had a pregnancy scare with 1. – Nikki

It’s ok Honey, you are a strong, empowered, independent woman exploring her sexuality.

Had my first meet up from tinder. I told him I wasn’t going to hook up with him. I couldn’t help but have sex with him. He was so hot. – Jess

3 Dates Rule? 3 Dinners before kissing? No?

Herbs and White knights need to really clue up and accept the reality of the modern woman. Chocolates, flowers, and candlit dinners aren’t going to get you far.


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