A Dose of Reality: Tinderfessions


You know, a lot of myopic, plugged-in, delusional herbs will be quick to dismiss the ugly truths which I reveal on here. Ultimately their furtive dread is a smokescreen behind the truths, you see, most people will believe the mainstream and accept it for what it is without ever questioning it. They will dismiss anything that implies that their views are incorrect, it’s almost a defence mechanism to protect themselves as they know deep inside that uncovering the truths will reveal that they were puppets that blindly followed the mainstream.

White knights are often the biggest proponents of living a life of lies. Luckily, due to modern technology we are able to dispel some truth serum into their lives.

The Twitter feed, Tinderfessions, where users anonymously post their confessions from Tinder reveals a lot more about women and their nature than any relationship excerpt from a magazine ever would.  Men and women reveal all to the world through their anonymous submissions to Tinderfessions, you can play the part of the priest and listen to what really goes on.

Here’s some highlights:

If you bring up weed in one of your messages I will smoke you out and fuck the shit out of you. Lovin for the pot heads. – Amanda

Cause, you know, dinners, drinks, compliments and cuddles are how it’s done, isn’t it?

I’ll only swipe right if he looks like he has a big dick, no time for small ones. – Kayla

Personality is EVERYTHING!

Met the hottest first year at Brock off tinder. We talked for a week and now he won’t make eye contact.. – Irene

Hmm.. really? Sounds awfully similar to a pump and dump.

I’ve hooked up with more guys in this month than I did in 2013, – Kay

All women are angels, treat them like that, lovechop!

Took it up the butt 3 times in one day, I couldn’t sit right the next day – Riley

No hugs? No tender kisses? No 12 dates before sex?

I really thought I had done and heard it all via tinder, until the pregnant chick sent me a nudie – Hank

Yup, being pregnant is no excuse to not be a slampiece!

Matched up with a dime from NYC, after 2 weeks of texting I convinced her to make a road trip to NH. I pulverized her all weekend. – KB

Is this the same girl that says she never does casual sex, and only has sex when she’s in a relationship with someone she loves?

Been planning to hook up with two different guys… They’re best friends and they found out #oops#sorrynotsorry – Haylee

Yeah, keepin’ it in the friendship circle, all good!

Fucked her at her place and found a pic of her with her BF. Left a note under the toilet seat for him to find out he’s dating a skank. – Al

No way? NAWALT!

Fucked 3 out of the 6 guys I met on tinder, gave head to 5, had a pregnancy scare with 1. – Nikki

It’s ok Honey, you are a strong, empowered, independent woman exploring her sexuality.

Had my first meet up from tinder. I told him I wasn’t going to hook up with him. I couldn’t help but have sex with him. He was so hot. – Jess

3 Dates Rule? 3 Dinners before kissing? No?

Herbs and White knights need to really clue up and accept the reality of the modern woman. Chocolates, flowers, and candlit dinners aren’t going to get you far.


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15 thoughts on “A Dose of Reality: Tinderfessions

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  2. Tristan says:

    that twitter feed is some filthy shit, i bet those skanks are mainly american

  3. White Knight says:

    those pedestals are shattering.

  4. oh my says:

    Tinder is the best hook up app of modern times.

  5. Penny J says:

    Fucking hilarious, skanks are out in force on Tinder

  6. Playboy Pete says:

    I have fucked over 20 sluts from Tinder in the past year, easiest poon app I have ever come across. Keep fucking them sluts then throwing them away, thats what they are, one time use whores.

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