Daily Archives: March 15, 2014

A Worthy Girl


A recent e-mail from a reader asked me “What do you consider a worthy girl?”  I thought this question deserved a lengthy response.

A “worthy girl”, that means more than a pump and dump for me, which means for me to devote more than the marginal amount of my time and drive, and to feel somewhat comfortable in committing myself solely without worry that she might spread for some random guy who happens to find her in a vulnerable state and say the right things, especially on drunken night.

So what makes a worthy girl? First, let’s look at what doesn’t make a worthy girl.

–       Cheating: She has cheated numerous times in her past. She rationalises her cheating and feels little shame for it, blaming the man for her wrongdoing. “He didn’t meet my needs!”

–       Non-Committal: Dating around — which is seeing more than one person concurrently — is a bad sign. Any girl who makes a routine of dating multiple guys at a time, especially if the parallel dating lasts for a long period, in order to milk her options, is a bad seed. Put her in the pump and dump aisle, it never ends well.

–       Backstabbing: Regularly speaks lowly of people behind their backs, this is just a bad characteristic in general. Deceptive and conniving.

–       Lack of warmth: Her perfunctory mode is sarcasm, negativity, crudeness, and brazenness. These are all ok traits in men, but in women, no. Before you WOWJUSTWOW this, remember despite what brain-dead feminists tell you men and women are not alike, a muscular man is attractive, a muscular female is not.  Nice boobs on a chick are attractive, manboobs aren’t.

–       Impulse control: She can’t control her desire to flirt with other men, especially if it’s in front of you. Can you really feel comfortable with someone like this?

–       Respect: Spends more time getting ready for work than for a date with you. If she sees you in this light, then see her as nothing more than a warm hole, to dump some care free fucks into then move on to the next.

–       Lack of Shame: She doesn’t seem nervous undressing in front of you the first time. Think about how many other men she’s done the same for… don’t exert your effort on used and damaged goods.

–       Comfortable with the notion of casual sex: Again, as I’ve said however many times on this blog, women’s biology’s are not fully comfortable with casual sex, so if she is, then utilise her for that and that alone. You wouldn’t ever pay higher than the asking price for a house would you? So if a girl puts a low price on her vag, why outbid it?

A worthy girl doesn’t engage in the above, she often does the opposite. She doesn’t cheat, mislead or use men. She doesn’t feel the need to resort to sarcasm to express herself. She is positive, not negative and that positivity rubs off on you. She is warm, kind and understanding and this is something that cannot just be learnt. She says “I love you” regularly, and “Sorry” when she has stepped out of line. She understands that her heart is more significant than her pride.

Low quality skanks are great for random bangs, easy lays and funny pics to laugh at in the future, but that’s really it. They are basically like drive through food, quick, easy, satisfying for the short term but not something you’d be doing for the long term.

If you find a girl with the encouraging qualities that make her worthy, then you’ve found a worthy girl to devote yourself to, a girl whose worthy for supporting, sticking by, and loving wholeheartedly. The few worthy girls you’ll come across deserve your time, effort, resources, and most importantly your love.