A Worthy Girl


A recent e-mail from a reader asked me “What do you consider a worthy girl?”  I thought this question deserved a lengthy response.

A “worthy girl”, that means more than a pump and dump for me, which means for me to devote more than the marginal amount of my time and drive, and to feel somewhat comfortable in committing myself solely without worry that she might spread for some random guy who happens to find her in a vulnerable state and say the right things, especially on drunken night.

So what makes a worthy girl? First, let’s look at what doesn’t make a worthy girl.

–       Cheating: She has cheated numerous times in her past. She rationalises her cheating and feels little shame for it, blaming the man for her wrongdoing. “He didn’t meet my needs!”

–       Non-Committal: Dating around — which is seeing more than one person concurrently — is a bad sign. Any girl who makes a routine of dating multiple guys at a time, especially if the parallel dating lasts for a long period, in order to milk her options, is a bad seed. Put her in the pump and dump aisle, it never ends well.

–       Backstabbing: Regularly speaks lowly of people behind their backs, this is just a bad characteristic in general. Deceptive and conniving.

–       Lack of warmth: Her perfunctory mode is sarcasm, negativity, crudeness, and brazenness. These are all ok traits in men, but in women, no. Before you WOWJUSTWOW this, remember despite what brain-dead feminists tell you men and women are not alike, a muscular man is attractive, a muscular female is not.  Nice boobs on a chick are attractive, manboobs aren’t.

–       Impulse control: She can’t control her desire to flirt with other men, especially if it’s in front of you. Can you really feel comfortable with someone like this?

–       Respect: Spends more time getting ready for work than for a date with you. If she sees you in this light, then see her as nothing more than a warm hole, to dump some care free fucks into then move on to the next.

–       Lack of Shame: She doesn’t seem nervous undressing in front of you the first time. Think about how many other men she’s done the same for… don’t exert your effort on used and damaged goods.

–       Comfortable with the notion of casual sex: Again, as I’ve said however many times on this blog, women’s biology’s are not fully comfortable with casual sex, so if she is, then utilise her for that and that alone. You wouldn’t ever pay higher than the asking price for a house would you? So if a girl puts a low price on her vag, why outbid it?

A worthy girl doesn’t engage in the above, she often does the opposite. She doesn’t cheat, mislead or use men. She doesn’t feel the need to resort to sarcasm to express herself. She is positive, not negative and that positivity rubs off on you. She is warm, kind and understanding and this is something that cannot just be learnt. She says “I love you” regularly, and “Sorry” when she has stepped out of line. She understands that her heart is more significant than her pride.

Low quality skanks are great for random bangs, easy lays and funny pics to laugh at in the future, but that’s really it. They are basically like drive through food, quick, easy, satisfying for the short term but not something you’d be doing for the long term.

If you find a girl with the encouraging qualities that make her worthy, then you’ve found a worthy girl to devote yourself to, a girl whose worthy for supporting, sticking by, and loving wholeheartedly. The few worthy girls you’ll come across deserve your time, effort, resources, and most importantly your love.

18 thoughts on “A Worthy Girl

  1. jenna says:

    that’s a really sweet post you do have a heart after all.

  2. oh my says:

    Someone’s in lurrrrve!

  3. Dr. Death says:

    its like fast food vs. fine dining. fast bangs vs. quality girls.

  4. […] she can earn a basic wage to survive on by herself. She will show no vulnerability and abandon her feminine core, because she’s been told that that’s weakness, and “strong, independent women” cannot be […]

  5. A women isn’t allowed to enjoy casual sex as that means she is a skank, yet you are allowed to pick and choose who to ‘pump and dump’
    You (and sexist double standards) are revolting!! Any real ‘worthy girl’ would stay clear of you.

    • Mad? says:

      A girl’s sexual past matters.
      You will hear otherwise from delusional sluts who have been pumped and dumped yet are still hoping to attain commitment from a decent man, and from white knight feminist males who falsely believe that by agreeing with an irrational female perspective they might get an ounce of pussy thrown their way. Even successful players rant against slut shaming to convince themselves they’re leaving girls better than they found them, and to rationalize their r-selected lifestyle as a heavenly ideal rather than embracing their role as bad boy anti-society hustlers, or to make sure the spigot of free pussy remains on tap because deep down they realize they’d get locked out of the sexual market in a more K-selected environment.
      From these people you will hear that if you care about a girl’s past you are insecure, have jealousy issues, an inflated male ego, and a society-programmed madonna whore dichotomy.
      There are perfectly logical reasons why a rational, well-adjusted man would want his woman to have a clean sexual history.
      1.) Girls with high N counts are fucking crazy. With the biological threats of partner desertion, death by childbirth, and incurable STDs, having a high partner count had been a biologically impossibility for a woman until the 20th century. As such, women are emotionally inequipped to handle all the emotional baggage that comes with getting their goods plundered by many pirate ships. Consider we are the same humans today that we were in 1850, and in that time any girl with double digit sexual partners was almost certainly a poverty stricken prostitute. Even if a girl does not have a very high N count, her sexual past still shows her general character and emotional stability. Did she rebound failed relationships by fucking guys because she had to feel pretty and wanted? Did she seek out a lot of bad boys, older men, rich guys, etc.? Does she use guys for validation because she has a hole in her soul? Is she fucking only boyfriends, or does she have a history of fucking cool guys who won’t commit to her? These things matter. Experienced players can vouch for the fact that craziness and sluttiness are highly correlated.
      2.) For every sexual partner a girl has, her capacity to emotionally bond to her next sexual partner decreases. The less sexual partners a girl has, the more deeply she can fall in love. The intensity of her heart throbbing, her butterflies, and how much her lover’s touch feels like electricity on her skin are all negatively correlated to how sexually experienced she is. The slut cannot enjoy sex with the same emotional intensity as her more chaste counterpart. If you want to inspire deepest love and passion possible, you want a partner with a thin sexual history.
      3.) Nobody wants to treat somebody else’s whore like a princess. If a store is giving away free milk to every one else, and then tries to charge you full price, would you pay it? Could you walk to your car after purchasing milk, and see all the people who got free milk smirking at you for being a sucker because they got the same enjoyment out of the same milk for free? Simply put, a girl puts a price on her vagina, why outbid it? You wouldn’t pay above sticker price for a new car, would you?
      4.) Baggage. The more partners a girl has, the more likely she is to have baggage, aka lingering feelings, past lovers coming out of nowhere to threaten your relationship, conflicting relationships in social circles you have to deal with, etc. Its not a small amount of relationships that end due to issues like this. Even if you think all the other reasons are bullshit, you ignore this one at your own peril.
      5.) STD risk (obvious).
      6.) Past behavior predicts future behavior. It’s not a perfect predictor, but its the best indicator we have. If a girl has fucked a lot of guys in the past, she’ll probably fuck a lot of guys in the future. This means cheating risk, or the risk that she will end your relationship on a whim because she finds another guy she wants to fuck. And it goes deeper. Has she ever cheated on a past partner? If so, you’ll get cheated on. Does she accuse her exes of abusing her, but is sketchy on the details? If so, she’ll be telling people you abused her when you break up. Past sexual dalliances and relationship problems generally predict a future of the same.
      7.) Evolutionary embedded disgust. It is not social conditioning that a man feels visceral disgust at the thought of his girls previous partners plowing her sweet nether regions. In past times, the seal of virginity was the only paternity guarantee available. A girl with multiple partners would give birth to a son of unknown fatherhood. The men would commit less resources, if any, to the raising of her child. Our biology demands that we treat girls who aren’t pure as pump and dumps. That we now have DNA testing doesn’t change the fact that a man feels repulsion at the thought of committing time, emotions and resources to a slut, because it could have meant genetic death via false paternity. The feeling is scientifically valid and cannot be invalidated by self-serving solipsism.
      Don’t these reasons apply to guys as well? Sure, some of the above listed reasons do apply to guys, and a girl shopping for a long-term mate should be aware of these things.
      For instance, a high N count guy is much more likely to have cynicism and an embrace of the player lifestyle that would lead him to be bad relationship material. However, a woman’s attraction to a man is more complex than that man’s attraction to her. An experienced man who other women desire sexually is more attractive to women, and men who are attractive to women usually fuck lots of them. Most low N count guys don’t maintain low partner count because of some kind of golden halo of virtue, most the time its because he has no options with women to begin with. (Of course, a guy who treats his seed like liquid gold and values monogamy can keep his partner count low while having a great sex life.)
      Women want the desired man who chooses her over all his past and potential lovers. Whether or not he fucked the other girls who desired him is irrelevant (though he usually does). For fucks sake, just look at all chick flicks, romance novels and other inane girl fiction that has the classic “reformed player falls for girl” as its vagina tingling plotline.
      Ladies, if you really want to kill this double standard, why don’t you find yourself a nice male virgin to date?
      The lesson here? Actions have consequences.

  6. Killer Cam says:

    Hahah Dumbass skank = NUKED!

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