Daily Archives: March 23, 2014

Snowflakes with Insecurities


The sad truth that placid beings can never fathom is that women are not special snowflakes in the uncertainties act as liabilities to them them. The vast majority of women mostly share the same self-doubts: “Am I skank?”, “Am I past it?”, “Am I fat?”, “Does he love me, for me?”

The goal, should you refuse to be sandbagged by impractical spasms of blame, is to make a woman’s anxieties your ally in the pursuit of closing the deal. You want to be able to find the gap in her and her self-esteem and confidence. The reason is fundamental: Women are hypergamous, they are biologically driven to date upwards. So a man can either increase his own standing to appeal to the girl he is attempting to lay, or he can lower the girl’s status so his position seems higher comparatively.

It’s no secret to any reader of this blog that women are the gatekeepers to sex, and men the gatekeepers to commitment. A few might ask, so what is the gate exactly for women? It’s her self-perceived status relative to yours. Or, her attractiveness. Quite simply, if a woman perceives she is more beautiful than the kind of woman you can be projected to snag, she will give you a harder time than she would to a higher value man who looked and acted like the sort of man used to dating women of her beauty calibre. Look at the aloof cads running through young, slim and tight girls, they don’t necessarily advertise their string of raunchy flings but once girls find out about the quality of them they subconsciously gain respect as they realise that the man’s SMV is high enough to regularly slam gorgeous beauties.

Men have one inherent playing field advantages in the sexual marketplace. One, men have a longer window of sexual appeal compared to women. The peak for women in the SMV aligns close to their physical peak and we all know how long that lasts. A typical mid-30s man has better prospects than a typical mid-30s woman.

With this knowledge, you can effortlessly progress your odds with any woman by faintly revealing her insecurities using the apparatuses of mental mindfucking. The trick is to evade undeviating attack on her soft underbelly. You don’t tell a girl “You have a muffin top exposed” No, you’ll need to be a bit more subtle about it

“I’m into keeping fit and looking good, so I appreciate women who are similar.”

Any woman with a small insecurity about being fat will take the bait.