Daily Archives: April 6, 2014

The Silent Feminist


The typical western woman probably doesn’t regard herself close with feminism, and may refuse to call herself that due to awkwardness, but there has been enough conditioning around her to instil such beliefs in her brain. With no thought or consciousness over herself, she will behave in-line with the feminist imperative.


Why do I come to this predicament?

Think about it, the modern girl has these principles beaten into her enough times to be forced to accept them.

1. Men and women should be seen as equal, but men are still seen as the favoured gender. If a woman doesn’t do so well in anything it’s due to sexism!

2. A woman’s beauty is not her main asset, she doesn’t meet her maximum SMV with her maximum beauty. It’s the experiences she’s had that make her desirable. Her prime physical years should be spent with education, clerical employment and random sex for excitement. After she’s experienced this for many years, she is a worthy, independent, sassy woman who is ready to settle down for the man of her dreams.

3. If a man criticises a woman, he is a sexist, misogynist, and creep. Women cannot be criticised, no wrong can be identified.


Now a real, stand-out feminist, will take these primary beliefs and protest about them continually, your normal girl off the street won’t actively fight for them but will have these values pounded into her brain deeply. This in-turn will make her life the product of feminist fallacy.

These thoughts, over many years manifest and spread to her actions, she will display a more masculine personality, she will be bitchier, and she will take the “strong, independent woman” goal to the furthermost extreme. Simply, she will continue to go down the path that will least satisfy men.

The average western girl will waste her youth riding random cocks because she’s been told that it’s fun and such “Exploration” assists her maturity. She will go to university and study a humanities degree then hit up a clerical, paper-pushing job, because she has been told that she will feel independent and powerful if she can earn a basic wage to survive on by herself. She will show no vulnerability and abandon her feminine core, because she’s been told that that’s weakness, and “strong, independent women” cannot be weak.

When I see the typical falling for such lies, I feel a hint of sadness, especially so if she’s a pretty girl. It’s sad to see a girl being fed so many lies and shown no other path, it’s sad to see her follow all the mainstream concepts which feminism instils upon the modern woman. It’s sad to see her ultimately waste her best assets on random strangers. I do realise that ultimately, her party will end and it will be too late when she realises that what she’s been told are merely petty lies, which only perished too late.