She’s Past It


In continuation of the theme from last weeks post.
The modern over-confident western woman will forget the one thing that brings her back down to earth, the internal biological clock. Women of past generations had a strong awareness of the time-limited nature of their fertility and their most treasured resource—their beauty. In past generations, a well raised girl would utilise her peak years to lock down a worthy man who would enjoy her girlish allures—and the view of relishing them for numerous upcoming years— got engaged for the long-term association. Men sacrificed their time, resources and commitment for a woman’s fertility & beauty.

In the modern times, the fabricated assurances of feminism have tempted girls away from this structure. The new generation of women have been provided with an philosophy that sworn them that they could appreciate the profits of their prime years open-endedly, while also living a lifestyle which had no judgements or negative stigma attached. Women, by large, were persuaded by this, and jumped on-board with this ideology.

Between, the ages of 16 and 30, a woman can really conquer it all. A woman of even mediocre appearances, but a decent physique, enjoys an immense quantity of control and access. Couple this with modern technology and you now get a woman that gets a deadly combination of constant attention, limitless solicitations, daily perks, and instant authority for no reason other than being born female. Life is grand isn’t it? The party is endless and the fun just continues.

If you have any hot female friends, you’ll notice all preferential treatment and status boosts she gets for simply being attractive.. The potential of enjoying that for your whole lifespan is highly intoxicating, but there are undoubtedly pitfalls associated with this.

The modern girl will start riding random dicks by high school, screwing the football players and jocks. She’ll continue this trend in her University days, riding random after parties, club nights and having her validation being met constantly. She’ll finish studying then obtain a decent job partially due to her being female and decent-looking. Her early twenties will continue to be the top party she’s been begging for and she will despise any men that are seen as “needy”.

Her mid-20s will come and the first alarm bells start ringing that this lifestyle is just isn’t going to last indefinitely. The amalgamation of constant smash and dashes & some of her friends being engaged start to play into her mind.  However, she’ll stay defiant by giving into the feminist lies and continuing to falsely belief that she’ll peak in her mid-30s.

Her 30s swiftly arrive and now with roughly 12% of her eggs remaining, she notices that she doesn’t get the same looks from guys anymore. The guys she used to bang are banging younger, tighter, hotter women. This becomes depressing, because female fertility and sexual attractiveness closely parallel. She realises when a woman has a full basket of eggs she is at her most beautiful.  As her suitors diminish she realises she must end up with the guys who are herbs with no other options whom she turned down when she was a hotter commodity.

The modern western woman’s years of slutting have allowed them to throw away their most precious asset for instant gratification. They believed the feminist lies and pay the price in due course.

9 thoughts on “She’s Past It

  1. hillside says:

    Its funny that age is seen as no barrier for the modern female. You can do it all at whatever age according to the modern society we live in today.

  2. Dezzi says:

    that is one sad photo. beauty is not timeless. everything you have now will be nothing in due course.

  3. king says:

    Use those peak years wisely or cats and lonely nights alone await.

  4. […] genetically possessing such desirable aesthetics. The culture of equality and cock-riding in your youth appears to have worked well for girls who are willing to spread their legs to random men with such […]

  5. Truth Hurts says:

    You only get one shot ladies.

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