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numb  (nm)


1. Deprived of the power to feel or move normally.
2. Emotionally unresponsive; indifferent.
Every now and then, certain realisations resulting from experiences make me numb. You might be thinking that this is something negative, however this isn’t a bad thing at all, as it removes the emotional bias from making decisions. These realisations give rise to lucid truths which are often distorted by ones feelings and emotions. The vivid realities which are presented to us are so often ignored, the culprit can often be our emotions. We are only human after all and possessing a broad range of emotions is one strand which differentiates us from robotic objects.
Existing in an emotionally numb state has provided me with great successes in several areas of life, one of which is with girls.
Girls have tried to “win me over”, whilst others were intrigued by it. For me however, I felt nothing towards them and due to the modern sexual market place this lured them in further. The lack of emotions allowed me to evaluate them comprehensively, assess their benefits, and be critical of their flaws. It’s not everyday that you can treat another human being as a business transaction but being emotionally distant, allows you to see people in this light.
If you are ever fortunate enough strip away the emotions and memories you have with your lover, LTR, wife or friends,  the residue left will allow you to understand the object value of their presence within your life.
The search for rich and meaningful experiences take people far and wide, some of the decisions which lead to these are emotional, some are purely objective and some are a combination of both.
Emotions will always be apart of the human experiences, pain, happiness, disappointment, regret, love, intimacy, friendship, shame will forever be engrained into humans. However, don’t ever take a period of being emotionally numb as a waste, it can often lead you to see reality without the murkiness of intangibles which misrepresent what you are really being surrounded by.

Signs of hope


One night can change a lot.

She was dressed stunningly, dark knee-high boots, tight jeans and a leather jacket. Waking slowly past me, I simply couldn’t just let her go. I approached her on the street, being rather direct and leaving her somewhat surprised. I kept it simple, brief details about myself, and open ended questions which endorsed her to speak. Based on her body language, she was shy but somewhat interested. We exchanged numbers and made plans to catch up for a drink on Saturday night.

As Saturday rolled around, she mentioned over text how she’s very punctual. In modern times, where flaking is at an all-time high, this seemed almost sarcastic.

Normally, I would go to a venue a little late since most girls can never make it anywhere on time, this time round I thought I’d take a chance and show up a little early to see if she’s actually true to her world, and if she wasn’t, that would be my initial tease to get her to buy the first round of drinks. However, to my pleasant surprise, she was there, exactly on time, not a minute late. Dressed well in a dark pea coat and lighter dress. I already felt a little bit more positive.

In a crowded bar, with no spare seating areas, we ended up just standing and talking, closely. She mentioned earlier she worked in “Healthcare”. I knew she seemed a bit smart and was probably a doctor but initially guessed that she’s a “Naughty Nurse!” and waited for to correct me with a small giggle, and that’s exactly what happened.

Her shyness meant I had to lead the conversations, and do most of the talking initially, trying to build comfort with innocent girls can often be a challenge. I had to ramble about some of the most boring medical topics in order to get her talking. She simply loved her job which left her with not much time to meet people. Based on what I’ve been told by relatives and friends I suddenly appeared to be knowledgeable about the Medical field and her goals, which got her talking about her aspirations, dreams and hopes. When a girl starts talking about these sorts of things, it signals her level of comfort increasing which was a great sign.

We found an empty lounge and got closer, talking more about my views, opinions and life. This got her engaged and contributing substantially. She moved here from overseas when she was fourteen, attending boarding school then studying Medicine at the same University which I attended. Finishing Medical School, two years ago, she finally discovered which specialisation she’s interested in. She explained her choice and reasoning and I soon understood how well it matched her personality based on her interaction with me so far.

As I slowly started sexualising the conversation, I got an idea of her sexual experience, it was refreshingly low. In a world where everyone fucks everyone, innocence can be somewhat alluring.

It turns out she’s only dated one guy before and has never had any other male sexual partners, and it was around four years ago. Since then she’s experimented and had relationships with women.

On her insistence, we started walking back to her place, she mentioned how she’s only been hit on by two men besides me in her life, and one was her ex-boyfriend. To me it seemed a little odd that a girl living in the western world, who was approaching a rating of 8 based solely on looks was being given such little male attention. She even stated that she started beginning experimenting with women since they approach her more than men.

We got to her place and went to the bedroom and chatted some more, exchanging sensual kisses and slowly removing clothing. Her body was firm and skin very soft. Her voice was sensual when she spoke in my ear.

The sex was gentle as it had been such a long time since she was last penetrated. She mentioned earlier she’s so tight that she struggles to get tampons inside her cooch. She was timid and self-conscious by constantly asking me if I was enjoying it. The majority of carousel-ridden girls these days are like porno directors giving instructions and faking excessive noises, being a tad shy and timid was a welcome change.

We lied in bed, talking more and relaxing. She mentioned it was 4:33AM and if it was alright if she fell asleep in my arms. I asked her if it’s ok if I left instead since in reality she would sleep better without me there and I would sleep well in my bed back at home.

I made it back home and ended up sleeping at 5:30, waking up only a few hours later without feeling tired.

I had a spring in my step the next morning, not the usual sex afterglow, but more so thinking about some of the stories and philosophies we exchanged and shared. It’s rare these days that I respect any girls that I meet and bang on the first night but she definitely left a positive and potentially lasting impression. It gave me a little hope that there are some girls with amazing qualities still present within the Western World, free from the corruption of feminism and modern societal trends. Possessing clear goals, being feminine, smart, looking attractive and not being carousel ridden – how often are all those qualities ever present in the same woman?

Oh Helsinki!



Helsinki, Finland
Early 2014.

After an all-night ferry party from Stockholm to Helsinki, I was depleted and couldn’t wait to check into my apartment for a huge nap.

After rejuvenating, I took a walk through the city to get a taste of the local talent. Finnish girls were naturally pretty possessing blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. However, they definitely did not appear feminine, dressing very sloppy and often looking like they spent a total of 30 seconds on their grooming collectively in the last fortnight. They also had weird haircuts that looked more scary than attractive as well as excessive tattoos which lead me to think some girls were mutated.

I approached a few locals and begun asking around for good night spots. I noticed the women here were pretty dull, friendly but very “cookie-cutter” they lacked the excitement and engagement of other countries. Since I was only spending a week here I wasn’t too worried.

After racking up a list of places to check out for the week, I went back to my apartment and plotted out the best nights to visit each venue. My week seemed pretty filled during each night.

I had two venues to check out on my first night, both of which were suggested to me multiple times by locals and judging from the online comments, I was feeling pretty confident of getting my Finnish flag on the first night in Helsinki.

The first venue was a basic bar with a small dance floor, I was rolling solo this week unlike Montreal (Which occurred after this) so I had to psyche myself up and get into the social mood. I talked to a few random girls in order to get into the mood, one of which seemed very interested, commenting on my foreign accent and appearance. Her friends weren’t cock-blocking and were openly flirting with many guys in the venue.
After spending time in Stockholm, I knew all about The Law of Jante and had to hold back on my usual game. It was difficult, I felt like I was purposely sandbagging myself  and appearing boring in order to make progress. In Australia or the US, that would’ve been a notch-killer but here it seemed to be working. This girl started talking about how people cared too much about the way they dress and basically tried to justify the sloppy dress sense most of the girls in Helsinki had. I knew there was no point trying to get into some debate with her so I just agreed and nodded, whilst touching her. I had seen guys getting blown out in Stockholm, due to being outspoken and learnt rather swiftly that being boring like a piece of cardboard was the way to go in Scandinavia.

This girl continued to go on her random rants and criticisms of the modern world, many of which I could’ve commented towards as I didn’t agree on most her rants but knowing the people in Scandinavia being so sensitive to opposing viewpoints, I kept quite by changing topics or making very generic remarks.  We kissed under an hour (Slow by Scandinavian standards, I know) and I suggested that we go check out another venue. Now, there’s a couple of reasons I wanted to do this, first of all, to get her away from her friends, who although weren’t cock blockers could end up costing me the notch in the event this girl feels the need to “look after” one of them later on in the night as they get further intoxicated. The second reason is that I wanted to check out this other venue so I could see what the talent was like before I visit it again later on in the week. Her friends didn’t really care about us heading elsewhere (Thank you Scandinavian culture!).

After entering the new venue, the girl and I grabbed a round of shots before dancing. Judging from her continual grinding against my crouch I could see she was pretty horny and down. I was still feeling pretty tired from the night before and honestly wanted to get the bang sooner rather than later. I walked her out of the club and to my apartment, for a “quick drink and some music”, she didn’t object.

Once we were in there was no resistance at all, she was a lot more aggressive in the privacy of my apartment. The sex was decent, very physical and rough. After banging twice on the couch she fell asleep. I took a close look at her, she looked like she was in a deep sleep so I decided not to wake her. I walked back to my bedroom and fell asleep in an instant only to find her next to me when I woke up in the early hours of the morning.

When I woke up later that morning, she was already dressed and ready to head home. She asked me not to get up and grabbed her stuff and made her way out.

Finnish flag captured.

Although I got my flag I didn’t really feel satisfied. I felt the need to continue to slay slores throughout the week.

The remainder of the week was rather cold. I got further success on the back-end of my stay in Helsinki but the high cost of living and horrible weather enticed me to stay in and relax.

It’s no surprise that most of the girls in Scandinavia lack femininity despite genetically possessing very desirable aesthetics. The culture of equality and cock-riding in your youth appears to have worked well for girls who are willing to spread their legs to random men with such ease. Being a foreigner who wasn’t staying long in town didn’t seem to change a thing, their openness at sex is a positive characteristic if you’re looking to slay some decent poon without substantial effort.


Deceptive Carousel Riders


Carousel Ridden Women.

So you’re with a nice guy, and totally in love. The “number” talk comes up. He tells you he’s been with 9 girls, and you’ve been with 49 men. So his number is substantially lower than yours. Knowing this, you lie, you portray yourself in a more innocent manner in order to not cause drama in an otherwise healthy relationship. But if he hates you for this, modern feminism tells you that he’s insecure, right? Why would you want to suspend on to such an insecure loser, but then again, what is the purpose of lying to maintain such a derisory and imbalanced relationship?

He should totally accept you for who you are, cause those experiences you had in life made you who you are, correct?

That is why you slutted around right? To “discover” yourself  by spreading your legs for many men.

So when you discover that your amazing partner didn’t get to experience the same life of sexual experiences you did. Why do you suddenly feel so ashamed of your past?

You know, You go girl! You don’t deserve a man who doesn’t accept you’re real notch count, nope! You deserve someone better. You go girlism really has brainwashed these modern women well.

In reality, you are lying because, deep inside, where no amount of modern Feminist brainwash can penetrate you, you know well that you aren’t worth it. You are lying to your partner because you know he could do better, deserves better. You are simply using him. You don’t love him. How could you? You can’t even tell him the truth! You’re too scared to lose him. You should be proud, and let the “loser” walk if he finds your number too high. You should find someone who’s not “afraid” of your number. Modern society allows you to call him a “loser” and state that he’s a “coward” when in reality.. it’s yourself whose faulted here.

It’s not about anything more than poor choices. Which you, as a woman, will rationalise the shit out of.

I mean you mention it’s “Just sex” and it “Didn’t matter” how about you help your innocent man out by throwing a few threesomes with your girlfriends to even the equation up a bit more?  Then he can Man Up, and not feel like he’s with a girl whose wasted her best years on many men and has enjoyed the leftovers.

If he leaves you now though, we all know that you “Don’t need no man” because he definitely wasn’t’ “The one”.

This, ladies and gentleman is the Western Reality.

Men dating down. Women dating up. Women wasting the currency of their youth by giving into cultural fascination of whoring. Instead of blaming themselves for their poor choices, they rationalise it and blame the man. Men are expected to keep his mouth shut when information reveals that his gor; experienced football teams worth of men penetrating her in many ways. Now tell me, what kind of mangina wants to commit his time, effort in resources to a slore who gives herself away with such ease. Nobody wants to pay above the retail price for goods.

Nobody wants to treat somebody else’s whore like a princess. Keep whoring’ and I’ll keep scoring.


Elliot Rodger: The Lonely Killer


Elliot Rodger, a 22 year old university student from California, killed six people before committing suicide, last Friday, the 23rd of May.

It’s apparent from his YouTube videos how frustrated he is sexually. He shows anger towards men who enjoy success with women and feels as if he deserves the same. He is self-entitled and labels the world “unfair” as he suffers his loneliness.

This is nothing new, a lonely, social reject taking out his frustration in the form of violent killings has occurred before, and sadly, will probably occur again in the future. After being shunned by women throughout his life Elliot saw women as “cruel” as detailed in his 140 page manifesto.

Rodger is undoubtedly a social retard, and any reader of this blog would know that women are hard wired to be repulsed by unworthy men. The problem that he lived with is wide spread within a modern western world. Men who are clueless with women and constantly frustrated. Overconfident western women will simply ignore the boring, awkward men and engagement in exciting and fun casual sex in their physical prime with alluring men for pleasure.   They are encouraged by the feminist engulfed culture to seek out sly cads while rejecting the nice guy who is doesn’t give them their tingles. It’s no surprise that he was ostracised completely and never included amongst peers groups.

All of those popular people who live hedonistic lives of pleasure, I will destroy, because they never accepted me as one of them. I will kill them all and make them suffer, just as they have made me suffer. It is only fair.

Obviously, Elliot was mentally unstable but after years of social torment dealt to him from a culture that punishes InCel’s more so than ever before, one can begin to understand why his rage was so bitter. He feels discontent that despite having a BMW and a lavish upbringing he cannot fulfil his desire for companionship. He writes posts online attacking men who have less money than him yet have greater success with women. Elliot’s problem is that instead of working on himself, improving as a person and eventually being more attractive to the opposite gender, he took things into his own hands in order to “punish” people around him that rejected him.

It’s sad to see herbified mainstream media attacking PUA’s over this recent killing. Elliot Rodger had no social suavity, no game, never tried game, was a member of PUAHate, and now dishonest journalist are attacking Red Pill beliefs. 

Feminists aren’t being left out at all, no, they have suddenly come out and labelled this some misogynistic crime. It’s sad that they forget that twice as many men died compared to women in this tragedy. They also display their superficial research of Elliot who openly displays his disguist towards men of a lower socio-economic class or of a minority race having success with women. In simple terms (For the Feminists to understand) Elliot hated both men and women, he hated the “cruel” world. Sadly, these irresponsible journalist push their own agenda’s by carefully distorting the truth. 

Let’s now get back on the countdown to the next massacre by an American virgin male whose heterosexual desires were shamed, mocked, or denied by the modern culture.