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Elliot Rodger: The Lonely Killer


Elliot Rodger, a 22 year old university student from California, killed six people before committing suicide, last Friday, the 23rd of May.

It’s apparent from his YouTube videos how frustrated he is sexually. He shows anger towards men who enjoy success with women and feels as if he deserves the same. He is self-entitled and labels the world “unfair” as he suffers his loneliness.

This is nothing new, a lonely, social reject taking out his frustration in the form of violent killings has occurred before, and sadly, will probably occur again in the future. After being shunned by women throughout his life Elliot saw women as “cruel” as detailed in his 140 page manifesto.

Rodger is undoubtedly a social retard, and any reader of this blog would know that women are hard wired to be repulsed by unworthy men. The problem that he lived with is wide spread within a modern western world. Men who are clueless with women and constantly frustrated. Overconfident western women will simply ignore the boring, awkward men and engagement in exciting and fun casual sex in their physical prime with alluring men for pleasure.   They are encouraged by the feminist engulfed culture to seek out sly cads while rejecting the nice guy who is doesn’t give them their tingles. It’s no surprise that he was ostracised completely and never included amongst peers groups.

All of those popular people who live hedonistic lives of pleasure, I will destroy, because they never accepted me as one of them. I will kill them all and make them suffer, just as they have made me suffer. It is only fair.

Obviously, Elliot was mentally unstable but after years of social torment dealt to him from a culture that punishes InCel’s more so than ever before, one can begin to understand why his rage was so bitter. He feels discontent that despite having a BMW and a lavish upbringing he cannot fulfil his desire for companionship. He writes posts online attacking men who have less money than him yet have greater success with women. Elliot’s problem is that instead of working on himself, improving as a person and eventually being more attractive to the opposite gender, he took things into his own hands in order to “punish” people around him that rejected him.

It’s sad to see herbified mainstream media attacking PUA’s over this recent killing. Elliot Rodger had no social suavity, no game, never tried game, was a member of PUAHate, and now dishonest journalist are attacking Red Pill beliefs. 

Feminists aren’t being left out at all, no, they have suddenly come out and labelled this some misogynistic crime. It’s sad that they forget that twice as many men died compared to women in this tragedy. They also display their superficial research of Elliot who openly displays his disguist towards men of a lower socio-economic class or of a minority race having success with women. In simple terms (For the Feminists to understand) Elliot hated both men and women, he hated the “cruel” world. Sadly, these irresponsible journalist push their own agenda’s by carefully distorting the truth. 

Let’s now get back on the countdown to the next massacre by an American virgin male whose heterosexual desires were shamed, mocked, or denied by the modern culture.